Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 7/30/2016
Welcome to our new website!
Remember the days of dial-up? The screech, the buzz and the beep beep bop? The prehistoric tube monitor that had black backgrounds and neon green text? Technology has come such a long way. Our phones now have more capabilities and more technology in them then the first Zeppelin to take flight!

At Nature’s Expression, we want to make sure you, Yes You! have the best shopping experience possible. We have been putting in some extra elbow grease all year to make sure we get our new site just right. Improved search functions, updated categories, a spiffy new look and design, and now super-duper mobile friendly.

That's right. All the crystals, minerals, and fossils, you have been looking for are now available in your pocket!

The Cat's Pyjamas

Here are the top reasons we think our new website is the cat’s pyjamas:


You can now shop with ease on just about any device. It is super-duper mobile friendly!

A new uptown look and feel

We wanted to provide a more dapper online interaction! Our products are one of a kind, and now our website is too.

Multi-Media Upgrade

1 picture is worth 1000 words. We have been adding more and more images and videos to showcase our products and their snazzy features.

More information

In the age of information, we want to be your smart source.

Better Search functionality

Can’t find something? Don’t fret! We have improved our search functionality across the board.

New Categories

Find easier ways to shop! Discover new to you products, unique products, like products and opportunities to increase your sales.

Centralized Gizmos and Gadgets

We have mustered products and heaped up opportunities to help you improve your sales. You will be able to find tools and aids to better make decisions on the products you offer, educational services, sales aids, merchandising opportunities and ongoing updates.


Our website was fast, but now it’s even faster!

New Website Prizes With all these hunky dory features and more info than you can shake a stick at, you’ll want to hop on over to the site tour for pros (like you) or just take a gander!

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