Team Memories

Flashback Photos

We are always building amazing memories and we think they are worth sharing.
Also check out our 30 Year Story & Employee Spotlights - in celebration of our anniversary.

2022 more cowbell 2022 more cowbell please 2022 MORE COWBELL!!!
You know what 2022 could use more of? More cowbell!

bundle of joy 2021 December
Congratulations! From one mama to another.

happy halloween 2021 October
There were plenty of tricks and treats and spooks to be found in our warehouse this year.

2021 feel the love 2021 share the love2021 July
We just want to share the love

2019 Halloween All Staff 2019 Halloween
We get a little scary sometimes, so be afraid. Be very afraid! Muhahaha!
All of us wish you a very Happy Halloween!

2019 Halloween Candy The middle slice: Having the candy and laughing away, this is what the office is all about.

2019 Halloween Evil eye Those eyes: When your boss looks at you and you KNOW you're in trouble!

2019 Halloween Happy dance Happy dancing: But it's all love and laughs at NE

2019 Halloween Second place 2nd place anger: The zombie creeping up on the winner, angry at not winning.

2019 Halloween Costume Winner Winner: Luise showing us his moves as the winner of the costume contest.

2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween
This, my friends, is one CREATIVE team!

2017 Potluck Party 2017 Potluck Party
Truth be told, we love to share with each other. Pot lucks are a great way to spend lunch break!

2016 Halloween 2016 Halloween
Halloween at Nature's Expression seems to get bigger and better every year.

2016 Vision Workshop 2016 Vision Workshop
This workshop, put together by Linda-Ann was so interactive and fun. We accomplished a lot this day but there was time to just be ourselves too.

2016 Toronto Gift Show Setup 2016 Toronto Gift Show Setup
Margaux is always upbeat, even when there is much work to do.

Customers in Toronto2016 Toronto Customer Vidya 2016 Toronto Customers
Margaux is a social butterfly which makes her amazing at what she does.

2015 Tracy Photobomb 2015 Tracy Photobomb
There she goes again, popping up in front of the camera!

2015 Unloading Brazil Shipment 2015 Unloading Brazil Shipment
Unloading a whole container while keeping organized is no small feat.

2015 Tracy Photobomb 2015 Tracy Photobomb 2 2015 Tracy Photobomb
Tracy is one of the most upbeat people we know, she always says cheese for the camera.

2014 Moustache Day 2014 Moustache Day
This was Michele's (Customer Service) first day, boy was she in for a surprise.

2014 Halloween Account Managers 2014 Account Managers Halloween
Here are the ladies who make magic happen!

2014 Halloween 2014 Halloween
Witches and hippies and pirates, OH MY! No one misses the chance to dress up at work here.

2014 Quebec Gift Show - coasters 2014 Quebec Gift Show - whistles 2014 Quebec Gift Show
Margaux never forgets to keep in touch while she travels.

2013 Halloween 2013 Halloween
We were all full of sugar this Halloween.

2013 Brazil with Greg 2013 Brazil video with Greg
Greg shares some of his knowledge about the crystals and minerals he brought back from Brazil in 2013.

2013 - Greg packing an amethyst cathedral 2013 - Greg packing an amethyst cathedral
It was all hands on deck this summer!

2013 - Brazil Container 2013 Brazil Container
Here's Greg back in 2013 getting a first peek at our Brazil shipment!

2013 Team Building with Horses 2013 Team Building with Horses
Linda-Ann facilitates these amazing team workshop days. Read the full post!

2013 Christmas Party 2013 Staff Christmas Party
We sure had a full house this year, that's a whole lotta elves making sure everything is ready for Christmas!

2012 - Halloween 2012 Halloween
Discover the natural choice for gifts and souvenirs... and spooks!

2012 - Anita Shipping 2012 Anita Shipping
While Anita truly shines when she creates scenes on crystals, she's also willing to help get orders sent out!

2011 Christmas Party 2011 Staff Christmas Party
It's not in the photo, but Greg has a really cool (animated) Santa hat that he wore this year.

2010 Staff Christmas 2010 Staff Christmas
Yes, we have team spirit, even on a busy day!

2010 - Easter Hat Lunch 2010 Easter Hat Lunch
For our staff lunch we had a Spring Hat contest and the clear winner was Janice with her fantastic hat on the bottom row.

2010 Tracy Shipping 2010 Tracy in Shipping
Tracy is known to photobomb whenever she sees a camera in the warehouse.

2009 Country BBQ 2009 Country BBQ
Getting together for an old fashioned cookout during our lunch break.

Check out our 30 Year Story & Employee Spotlights - in celebration of our anniversary.