"How to Support Your Local Businesses?" You Ask... Great question, here are a few great ideas.

Posted by Sahba Hesabi on 3/21/2020 to Wellness
This 2 part series is designed to help you find new ways to support local businesses, as well as use in part, or in whole to share with your community. Feel free to share these ideas!

You can share these articles directly or copy and paste the ideas that you feel would be the most beneficial to your social media, website, or e-mail directly out to your own customers!

Part 1 of 2

How to Support Local Business:
Running a business is hard work, and that’s without the big elephant in the room (and around the world) named COVID-19. Most small business owners do not have the capital to sustain their business during these times.

So, what can you do? Well, there are a few things that you can do to help while keeping your shopping needs satisfied so that you don’t have to see your favorite shop, yoga studio, or restaurant close down.

Order Online, Delivery & Takeout
There are many ways to order from your favorite store without going into the store. If they have an online ordering system, go ahead and order to your heart’s content! You may even be able to arrange a pick-up of the items if they offer it as a service. If you call them directly, they may be able to arrange something for you. If their website doesn’t offer online shopping, try looking at their Facebook page or Instagram page to see if they have photos of items you may want to purchase. Some small businesses even may start offering Skype or Facetime calls to see what’s available in the store. You can highlight the "special" item you've been saving.

Swag it Out
If your favourite store is a service type of a business (i.e. a yoga studio) then consider buying some swag. Most service businesses can have products to sell that support their business. This would be a perfect time to purchase from them to show your support. And perhaps get that nice piece you may have been eyeing previously. What about a yoga mat to enhance your own self-care, a beautiful crystal that enhances your space or that cookbook from your favorite restaurant. Just ask to see what they have available. They will appreciate the call even if you don’t end up buying. 

Buy a Gift Card
Buying gift cards will give you a chance to support them today and use in the future. You can buy gift cards just about anywhere these days, and you can use them whenever you like or gift them to others who might love the store as you do.

Any amount will help and if you go to their direct website, you can potentially cut out any third-party fees. You can also pick up the phone and give them a call to see what is available. 

These are just a few ways to help out in a more financially focused approach.

We all need to support the experiences that small businesses have to offer. Let’s rally behind our communities and the small businesses that make them unique, beautiful and our home.

In part 2 of this series, we will look at other ways that can build up community involvement, customer interest, and excitement around you!

Written by Sahba Hesabi, Marketing and Product Development Specialist

Want More Tips & Tricks?
We also have a lot of helpful ideas through our Retail Success Circle (RSC) series to help you with your business during this time as well. So pick up the phone and contact your Account Manager and ask what Nature's Expression can do for you to help your business. Stay tuned for next RSC article coming out next week!

Please go ahead and share this post with anybody you would like, the more we all band together and support our local businesses the more our communities will thrive.

Let us know what ways you are supporting your local stores, we’d love to hear from you.

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