Ethical Sustainability

Social Responsibility

Our team is committed to doing our part to be environmentally conscious and focus on the positive impacts we can make in all our choices. We are constantly seeking new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to communities.

We are excited to announce a significant new step towards this goal

We are going paperless!

We have begun transitioning to a paperless system with shipping our orders. This means that instead of receiving paper statements, packing lists, invoices, or other documents within your shipment, we will be sending these details electronically through email to the email address of your choice. We can also separate packing lists directly to your warehouse contacts, and invoices to your accountants and sales orders to your buying departments!

A section has been added to our website on specific products that require more information about source. These include products such as sage, abalone shells, Palo Santo and Himalayan salt lamps. More information on these products will be located in this section. We want to provide as much transparency as possible, including any information that we believe may be important to our customers.

We have been transitioning our customers from using a printed price list to our digital version (requires log-in to view on the downloads page). We appreciate your support in helping us to use less paper by downloading a digital price list or viewing it online.

Many years ago, we stopped using Styrofoam peanuts for packing and instead use a biodegradable product made from cornstarch. Wherever possible we re-use and recycle boxes and other packing materials that we receive from our suppliers, such as newsprint.

Many of the countries we currently buy from, including Bali, Guatemala and India, support various artisan communities through their own social responsibility initiatives. This is a form of fair trade, where income is being used to support a diverse group of small manufacturers and families. Most of our semi-precious stones and crystal come from family owned mines that are passed down from generation to generation, much like a family farm in Canada.

We only purchase minerals from suppliers with the (correct) appropriate mining certificates which establish their operations as safe and environmentally sound. We work with partners in the industry who we can trust.

Locally, within our community, we actively support various charities including, Variety Club the Children's Charity, The Salvation Army, The Community Arts Council of Richmond, The Food Bank, as well as the Annual Nite of Hope event to fight Breast Cancer.

It doesn't stop there; many of our customers hold events to raise funds and awareness for various charities throughout the country and we try to honour as many requests for auction items or door prizes as we can.

Not only should Nature's Expression be your natural choice, but also the conscious choice for gifts and souvenirs.