Site Tour for Pros

Posted by Melissa Brown on 7/29/2016
Site Tour for Pros
If you who had the warm fuzzies for our old website... and knew where EVERY button was.... here's a look at which time tested features haven't changed, and what we improved.

First of all... what has stayed the same?

  • Rest assured, your log-in and account information is exactly as you left it. PHEW!
  • Don't fret about checkout. You will find it is very familiar... just snazzier!
  • All the info pages and extras are still there, we just did a little re-decorating.
  • None of the products have disappeared, just shuffled around a bit.
  • Our team's commitment to providing a superior shopping experience will NEVER change.

So, what HAS changed?

  • This site now dynamically changes based on your screen size... even on a desktop computer. Go ahead, resize your window!
  •  We did a little house cleaning. That looooong list of categories you used to see is now neatly tucked away up top, under our main category headings. Cool huh?
  • Another must-have for our new site was giving you the ability to browse items based on the type of store you have. We like to be helpful like that.

Now you know the big changes, the rest of the tweaks will hopefully just improve your day. Enjoy poking around the new store. If you have ANY questions, our whole team is happy to answer.

Happy shopping!

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