Positive Energy

A Brief Lesson in Quantum Physics

Although we may perceive the world and everything within it to be physical or material, Quantum Physics states that everything that exists in the whole universe is made up of energy that constantly flows and changes form. Our physical reality consists of atoms. If we look at the atom under a microscope all we would see is an invisible tornado of vibrating energy. Therefore, human beings, according to quantum physics, have no actual physical structure. We are vibrational repeated patterns of spinning vortices of interactive energy.
~Elephant Journal
When we think in terms of positive and negative energy, what often comes to mind are EMFs. These electric and magnetic fields are often referred to as radiation and are associated with electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting. Sources of radiation include sunlight, X-rays, power lines, etcetera. Now, in the age of cellular telephones, wireless routers, and the Internet of things, all of which use EMF, concerns persist about possible connections between EMF and adverse health effects.

Orgone Generators

Orgonite is a combination of crystal and metal suspended in resin, and it is based on Wilhelm Reich’s scientific research culminating in the existence of what he termed orgone energy. This energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. When orgonite is within range of a source of negative energy (like electromagnetic frequencies—emfs), it continuously transforms it into positive energy. Orgonite is used to improve health, sleep, mood and overall energy.