Open Space, Open Mind

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 4/4/2017 to Wellness
Open Space, Open Mind
When we think of developing ourselves, some areas that come to mind, are home, health and spirituality. Through balance and creating open and cleansing spaces, we can make room for improvement.

A key piece of balancing yourself is in harmonizing your space. With a well-balanced space, you can create room for spiritual, mental and physical growth. Creating, or in some cases re- creating your space, it’s important to keep in mind that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, sometimes making it difficult to concentrate. To get started, look at three important spaces in your home: the front entry, the kitchen and the bedroom.

The front entrance, where energy flows in and introduces itself to your home, the front door represents the way life comes at us. This is where we need to make sure nothing is blocking the entrance either from the inside or the outside. Energy entering the home should be able to flow freely throughout the home. If you place clear quartz near the entryway, it is said to bring wealth and luck.

The kitchen is where the health of your home and family is centred. The stove symbolizes our source of food and our ability to attain that through our careers. As the stove has such a heavy connotation, it is best to keep the stovetop clean, as well as to ensure all burners are functioning correctly. Use it regularly, even if it is just to boil water or tea. Also try using all burners instead of just the one you are used to. as this aids in balance. Try placing amethyst in the kitchen to encourage creativity and adventure in your culinary skills.

The bedroom. We spend a third of our lives here. It is our personal space where we go to rest, heal, rejuvenate, relax and improve our vitality. The bed shelters, comforts and allows for rest. Evaluate where the bed is facing, how energy flows into the room and avoid odd shaped rooms for sleeping, shape relates to stability. A piece of rose quartz in the bedroom is said to draw in and improve romance.

A few basics to follow for all your spaces:
  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it clear
  • Create space for yourself
  • Less is more
  • Keep entry ways clear

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