No Tricks, Just Treats! 4 Must-Have Items For Halloween

Posted by Timmy Wong on 9/27/2013 to Product Spotlights

Halloween is going to be here before you know it. For many retailers, now is the perfect time to stock up on Halloween-themed goodies. These products are sure to be big hits for your store:

Animal totem stones
The animal totem stones are perfect as a home decorative piece for trick-or-treaters. Showcase them throughout the store or as a cash desk grab item. Choose from animals such as spiders, snakes, frogs, owls, or cats. The stones are made from semi-precious minerals. Get these totem stones in packs of 12.

Beetle, scorpion, and spider keychains
Each keychain contains an authentic insect, collected and set in resin to preserve its beauty and integrity. They come in red beetles, green beetles, scorpions, or spiders. They can be purchased in packs of 3 or as a set of 12. Fun for both adults and children!

Beetle, scorpion, and spider bracelets
The spooky bracelets are made from insect specimens that have been set in resin. The bracelets come with a black nylon wristband that is adjustable. The bracelets are a great add-on to any costume. Individual packaging is included for retailers’ convenience. The bracelets come in red beetles, green beetles, scorpions, or spiders.

Beetle and scorpion pendants
Similar to the keychain and bracelet, the animal pendants are made from insect specimens set in resin. The pendants come with a black nylon necklace. Both men and women can wear this stylish pendant. It is available in green beetle and scorpion specimens.

How will you incorporate these fun products into your store for Halloween? Are you still wanting more? There are more Halloween-related products that you can find here.

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