Minerals, Crystals, and Rocks: Earth's Jewels Explained

Posted by Timmy Wong on 11/4/2013 to Product Spotlights
Often, the words crystal and mineral are used interchangeably. However, behind those words, there is a whole new geological world waiting to be explored. In this article from Laurie Buchanan, learn the differences between minerals, crystals, and stones.


A crystal is a mineral whose basic atomic structure has arranged itself into one of seven crystal systems. Crystals are very structured and their atomic patterns are ordered. Only a small percentage of any mineral will form itself into a visible crystal.


A mineral is a naturally occurring, solid, inorganic element or compound having a uniform composition and a regularly repeating internal structure. Minerals typically have a characteristic hardness and color, or range of colors, by which they can be recognized.

Certain substances or elements in the right proportions and with the right surrounding conditions have to be present to form a certain mineral. Each one of these substances or elements has specific properties that together form the properties of the mineral and will have a noticeable bearing on its healing effects.

Stones or Rocks

Stones and rocks are relatively hard, naturally occurring mineral material. Rock can consist of a single mineral or of several minerals that are tightly compacted together, they may also include organic remains. Stones and rocks are simply an aggregate of minerals which have fused together and did not get to express themselves as crystals. There are three main types of rocks - igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

In summary, all of these contain minerals. The difference is that crystals are in a rare, pure, visible form, minerals have a minute crystalline structure not visible to the eye and rocks are several elements in a loosely compacted mass of fragments or particles.

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