10 Stress-busting gifts for busy moms

Posted by Melissa Brown on 4/8/2015 to Product Spotlights
10 Stress-busting gifts for busy moms
Mindful MothersMother's Day is right around the corner and your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to remind kids, dads and aunts that mom should be spoiled for a day. We've gathered together ten gifts for the mindful mom, or moms who would like to be more mindful.

When promoting relaxation and meditation, it really comes down to the senses. The right scent can conjure feelings of peace, hearing relaxing sounds can drown out mindless chatter. We all know this in our hearts so all you have to do is put the right gifts at your customer's fingertips.

Pictured above right:
1 - Brown marble oil heater with patchouli essential oil.
2 - Golden resin meditation Buddha.
3 - Singing bowl; machined and etched.
4 - Japa mala meditation beads made from semi-precious stones.
5 - Rainbow onyx handmade goblet.
Add a zafu style OM pillow to the gift ideas above and mom is ready to set up a meditation corner in her bedroom or favourite spot in the garden.

Agate Windchimes - TealHandmade Bell Chimes - BuddhaOther outdoor décor ideas include agate wind chimes that will capture the sunshine on bright days. These can be hung in trees, in the gazebo or outside mom's bedroom window. Handmade bell chimes with antique patina come in a variety of styles such as butterfly, dragonfly and Buddha and they don't just work in the garden but also hung on the wall.

Minerals in PlantsFor customers who must break open the piggy bank to buy mom a gift, you can offer this next idea at an affordable price point. Stones and crystals are a wonderful choice for mom to add to plants or place on a windowsill. The best part is, kids can still choose something unique to them. Pictured in a glass vase is our India stone mix. Atop the planter box there are pieces selected from our mixed minerals bag plus a piece of aragonite (this unique mineral is best ordered with the help of your account manager). If you want an easy way to
offer a variety of crystals, fossils and minerals, preview our mineral and fossil display here. They do well in gift stores, garden centers, souvenir shops, science stores and more. Customization is available.

Quick Meditation GuideDownload our free meditation merchandise card template so you can print and offer them with these and other meditation supplies. CLICK HERE

For more ideas to stock your shelves this Mother's Day, visit our meditation section or the unique gifts category.

Happy Selling!

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