A Trip Down Memory Lane

The first breath of fresh air you inhale as you step off the plane and arrive at your long awaited destination is truly unforgettable. Thankfully, incense has the unbelievable ability to bring your mind back to your favourite travel destinations. Close your eyes and take a minute to inhale the therapeutic aromas of incense as you recollect your favourite vacation.

Scent can revive memories that have been long forgotten. The brain regions that juggle smells, memories and emotions are very much intertwined. In fact, the way that your sense of smell is wired to your brain is unique among your senses. All other senses first travel to a brain region called the thalamus, which acts like a "switchboard," relaying information about the things we see, hear or feel to the rest of the brain. Scents are the only sensations that travel such a direct path to the emotional and memory centers of the brain. That results in an intimate connection between emotions, memories and scents. Incense banner 12 reasons to use incense
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