The Light Within

A Relaxing Glow

Not only are candles aesthetically pleasing, but they have many mental health benefits as well. Candles are able to calm the mind, improve one’s mood, stimulate memory, support sleep and create an ambience. The next time you have a stressful day or are feeling anxious, try lighting a candle. Watch the flickering flame and just breathe for a few minutes while focusing on it. You will notice a big difference.
I like to light a candle whenever I cook, to add that extra element to the room as well as reduce odours. In the bathroom, candles help create the feeling of a spa like retreat and they are a necessity for any bubble bath. In the bedroom they create a sense of romance and intimacy. In the dining room they add a lovely touch of magic to the dining table, lifting the entire dining experience.

A special characteristic about our stunning agate geode candle holders is that no two are alike. These versatile holders from Brazil shed a marvelous glow - highlighting the natural shapes within each piece. They incorporate natural materials into our everyday lives - making it perfect for a day of relaxation both indoors and out. The abstract beauty adds a stunning dimension in any environment.
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