Grounding Yourself

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 3/21/2017 to Wellness
Grounding Yourself
You may ask, why is grounding yourself so important? The act of grounding yourself can change how you organize yourself, how you work, support focus, and create an anchor for spiritual connection. Grounding starts with clearing your mind, focusing on visualizing and breathing, and rooting yourself to the earth.

Simply put, how you carry yourself is how you move through life, and how others perceive you.

You can ground yourself anytime of the day; however, it is recommended to do before you start your day, and at the end your day. This helps make it an easy part of routine (and mindset to remain in).

Clear your mind

Take a minute to take care of yourself. Clear your mind of all your worries and stresses of the day, give yourself 10 minutes to sit (or lay down) and regulate your breathing. Focus solely on this. It can take some practice. And sometimes, you can accidentally fall asleep.

Breathe and visualize

As you are working on your breathing, begin to visualize the roots of a tree (you are the tree) from the tips upward, unshakably planted in the earth. Envisioning what you would want your environment to be, calm, orderly, happy, focused and secure.

Visualizing is a crucial part of grounding yourself. It teaches your brain to recognize what resources you need, creates and empowers inner motivation, and promotes positive thinking. All are key for success in the long run.

Make sure as you visualize you observe all of your senses; feeling warmth or coldness, the scents around you, the feeling of what is touching your body, what you hear around you. Pay close attention.

If you need assistance in relaxing the mind, try burning lavender essential oil. It is used by metaphysical practitioners as a relaxing, balancing and healing scent.

Planting your feet

Make sure as you are clearing your mind, your feet or body are firmly making contact with the ground. This is the act of connecting the physical body to the physical earth. It is a crucial step to support your visualization. Lay down so that your root chakra is touching the ground and is directly making contact with the earth, or you can sit with your feet making direct contact with the ground. Transferring energy from the point of contact upward.

Remind yourself why you are grounding yourself throughout the process. Is it to gain a sense of security and safety in your life, find clarity on important decisions, feel less anxious or worried, help you focus on important tasks, or even create an anchor for spiritual connection? It will vary and there are no rules as to what your reasons are.

So go ahead, ground yourself and get one step closer to balancing your mind, body and soul.

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