Give and Receive Joy

"Some Christmas tree ornaments do more than glitter and glow, they represent a gift of love given a long time ago."- Tom Baker

Tis the Season to Sparkle

If you’ve been thinking of getting back into baking - this is your sign! Not only does baking create delicious comfort food, but it is also therapeutic and has been known to ease anxiety. Baking has calming, meditative qualities that can also stimulate the senses and increase feel-good endorphins! Psychologists have also found a strong connection between creativity and wellbeing, so have fun and get to baking! Share the love with friends, neighbours and colleagues - Invite them to gather and bake with you or fill a bag with tasty treats!

During the holidays, nothing feels better than giving the perfect gift. Something thoughtful, meaningful, and both a joy to give and receive. You could even say that the perfect gift brings two people closer together. This holiday, give something that won't expire, go out of style, or eventually break. Give a gift that can stand the test of time: GOLD! Fool's gold that is! A gift that is Santa-approved!