A Guide to your Galaxy Part 2: Svadhishthana – the sacral chakra

Posted by Melissa Brown and Rad Ponnayya on 11/25/2016 to Chakras
A Guide to your Galaxy Part 2: Svadhishthana – the sacral chakra
We are on a explorative journey of the chakras, in case you missed it, here is what we've covered so far This week we focus on our Sacral Chakra, this is probably your first time and that’s great! It’s all a part of opening ourselves up to new experiences, and hey! This is one.

Galaxy Guide - Sacral Chakra

2nd - Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra relates to our ability to openly accept new experiences and people, overcome anger and practice of self-control. Located in your lower abdomen, this chakra is associated with our power of creativity, sexuality, emotions, and intimacy to name a few. Through exercises such as pelvic thrusts, spending time near lakes and rivers and drinking more water or eating foods like tangerines, oranges, almonds, mangos and walnuts the Sacral chakra begins to harmonize.

Crystal Therapy TIP

Wearing / surrounding yourself with orange stones or crystals such as carnelian, tangerine quartz or tangerine aura. These can carry many properties that help to open and align your sacral chakra.


I FEEL radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life

Sacral Chakra Location

Chakra Mudra

Dhyani – Rest the back of your right hand in the palm of other with the tips of your thumbs lightly touching. Chant the bij sound VAM


Picture the orange of the rising sun emanating from just below your navel. Stir this colour counter-clockwise, creating a cone-like vortex of orange energy. Stir faster and faster. Visualize drawing white energy in through the cone as you breathe out. Continue visualizing the vortex spinning.


Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose

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