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Address Update

How do I update my address with Nature's Expression?
Your Account Manager will be happy to update your address in our system.

If you wish to submit the change online you can change it through your account. You may want to add a comment to your next order to ensure we've noted the change.

Here are the steps to change your address online:
- While logged into your account, go to your account page.
- Scroll down to "My Address Book" and click "add new address"
- You can modify your existing info to delete the old one
- You can also keep the address and add a new one
- Simply fill in the fields and click the update button

Assistance with Website Performance

Something doesn't seem right on this website. I need assistance.
Whether you're having trouble loggin in, adding to your cart, viewing a past order, viewing a product image or something else. The first step to take on this, or any other website that you visit frequently, is to clear your website browser cache and cookies. Find our Help article here

B Grade Definition

What is B Grade?
B Grade items have colour, shape and size variations that don't fit with our existing lines; however, are still good quality and meet all industry requirements, and Canadian regulatory standards.

Why is B Grade available?
B Grade becomes available for variety of reasons, to give you an idea, here are the most common reasons stock becomes available:
We have built a reputation with both customers and partnering suppliers, enabling us to bring you high quality products. B-grade items may fall outside of the strict specifications Nature's Expression sets out for shipment inspections or the product may have been part of a supplier trial, in which case the shipping or packaging procedures may have changed.

Features and benefits of B Grade
These products give you the chance to save costs on your purchases where the product variances are not your main focus, or are exactly what you are looking for. In a unique industry, some people are looking for each piece to be as unique as possible.
  • A high volume selling product
  • Potential for an increase on ROI
  • A knowledgeable sales team to give you appropriate advice
  • Savings over A grade products

Can I order if I'm not a business?

Can everyone order from Nature's Expression?
We sell to registered businesses only. Providing a valid tax (GST, PST, EIN) or business resale number when you sign up for our website or visit our warehouse helps us to validate you as our customer.
This policy is out of respect for our existing wholesale customers (we don't sell to their potential customers).

Canadian Company

Is Nature's Expressicon a Canadian company?
Yes! We are proudly Canadian. Click here to learn how we began!


How does copper react with my skin and other elements and how do I best care for it? Copper is a versatile metal used in thousands of everyday products. The most commonly seen chemical reaction that occurs to copper is oxidation. When copper is exposed to air, it results in the surface darkening and flaking or it forms a distinctive blue / green coating known as patina. Additionally, water --- especially salt water --- heat and acidic compounds can also induce corrosion. These reactions also affect copper carbonates such as brass or bronze. This is especially true when contact with anything acidic in nature occurs (e.g. vinegar, ascetic acid, soaps, lotions and makeup).

Many people wear copper bracelets because of their beauty and / or healing properties, but after you wear one for a while, the skin beneath the copper may turn green. The colour change occurs as a normal reaction to the prolonged copper exposure on the skin, typically caused by oxidation. The green colour fades when you stop wearing the copper, and it is not harmful to your health.

While many people choose to wear copper directly on their skin for healing benefits, those who wear it simply for adornment can seal the copper to prevent skin discoloration. Apply clear nail polish to the inner surface of the copper. This creates a barrier between the acids in your skin and the copper surface. Repeat the treatment periodically, as the clear polish wears away because of friction. If you have highly acidic skin or skin products, it might not work at all. For a slightly stronger, longer-lasting barrier, apply car wax to the inside of the bracelet, and buff it off per the package's instructions.

How to Clean Copper

After doing some research on how to clean copper, Cheryl took an afternoon and conducted 5 tests using household ingredients. Here are the 5 tests that she conducted and the brief description of the results.

Lemon Juice and Salt

Mix together 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp salt. Rub onto the components with your fingers or a cloth. Rinse with warm water and drv.
Results: This technique brightened the copper quite quickly and easily. Very little rubbing was needed.

Submerge in Vinegar and Salt

Mix together 1 cup white vinegar and 1 tbsp salt. For best results, submerge the tarnished copper into the solution for 5 minutes.
Results: Removed tarnish nicely.

Boil in Vinegar and Salt

Mix together 1 cup white vinegar and 1 tbsp salt in a medium sized pan and submerge the copper. Bring the mixture to a boil. Boil for 60 seconds. Remove, rinse and dry.
Results: I was blown away by the results. This brightened the copper quite well. I declare this as the winner.

Baking Soda and Salt

Cover the inside of a bowl with aluminum foil. Pour 1 tbsp baking soda and 1 tbsp salt into the bowl. Fill half way with hot water. Mix contents and submerge the copper for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry.
Results: This technique removed a little of the tarnishing; however it seems to be less effective than the other methods.

Ketchup and Water

Lightly cover the copper with ketchup and let sit for a few minutes. Rub vigorously with a non-scratch pad or cloth. Wash with water and dry.
Results: This technique was also a surprise. I used a paper towel for the wiping and rubbing. The bracelet brightened up very well and with very little rubbing.

Final Observations from Cheryl

All of the tests worked to clean the copper and remove the darkening, but the copper soon returned to its tarnished state. Copper just naturally does that, dang it! In order to keep the copper plating bright, you will want to apply a coating to prevent the copper from tarnishing.

Creating multiple online accounts

Can I create multiple website accounts?
Yes. You may wish to have separate accounts for each person who orders on behalf of your store. Keep in mind that we cannot connect your order history for multiple accounts on this site. Rest assured that your order history will stay together in our company database.

Credits / Damages / Returns

Any damages, shortages or fulfillment mistakes must be reported to Nature's Expression within 10 days of receipt and require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#) before they can be processed.

Custom Products

Can Nature's Expression products be customized?
Yes, many items we carry can be customized including velvet gembags, twiggies, glass vials, artisan creations, tumbled stones, keychains, magnets, displays, header cards and more! The fist step is to let your Account Manager know that you are interested in this service and they will guide you through the steps required to meet your goals.

I can't find...

I can't find what I'm looking for but I think you carry it.
Some items don't appear online. While we aim to expand our online catalog, some items are in limited quantities and don't warrant an online listing.
There is a comment box during checkout to list these additional items. Feel free to check our price list on our document downloads page or ask your account manager.

Is there a discount for ordering a larger quantity of items?

Often you will pay a lower price per item when you purchase a larger specified quantity. Discounts per item type vary. Many item discounts appear in our price list only. If you think you may be entitled to a larger discount, please feel free to ask in the space provided on the checkout page. One of our account managers will be happy to answer your questions. Some items we carry are available by the case or skid.

I'm not a retailer...

I’m not a retailer, how can I find a retailer in my area?
Give us a call, and we can search our customer database for one of our retailers closest to you.

Logging in

Where do I log into my account?
Click the My Account link in the top menu bar of our site or register for an account.

Mobile Navigation

Where do I access menus on my mobile, ipad, android, etc?
If you are new to navigating the web on your mobile device, you may not know to look for the following handy icons.
Menu IconTouch the menu icon to find the main menu on any website. On our website you will also find the search field here.

Cart IconTouch the cart icon to view your shopping cart on any website.

More Options IconTouch the more options icon to view additional menus on any website. On our website, this contains our product categories.


Do you accept Paypal?

Product source

Where are your products from?
We source our products globally, from Brazil to Morocco to China. On each product listing you can find the origin information in the "Origin" info tab. Browse products by origin here.

You will also find that many of our website product listings have an information tab named "Product Sourcing". Click this tab for information specific to the product. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, feel free to inquire to your Account Manager.

Registration approval

Why hasn’t my registration been approved?
You may not have included enough information on your registration. If you did not include a valid business number or EIN, we cannot approve your registration.

Report Website Issue

How do I report a website issue?
Visit this page to report any issues you have experienced with the website or notify your Account Manager.
You can also review our Website Issue Reporting Process

Re-use of our website content

Can I use images, documents or photos from your website?
By utilizing any or all of the attached images, documents, or content, you agree to indemnify and hold Nature’s Expression, its officers, employees, shareholders, directors, managers, members and suppliers, and those of its affiliates including parent companies and subsidiaries, harmless against any damages or liability of any kind arising from any use of content. You further agree to indemnify Nature’s Expression for all costs and expenses that Nature’s Expression incurs in the event that you breach any of the terms of this or any other agreement with Nature’s Expression. Nature’s Expression grants you a Commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable (except as herein provided), royalty-free right, in perpetuity, to use Content in the following ways, subject to the limitations set below.
This Agreement grants you the right to:
1.    Incorporate Content on web sites (including Social Media Platforms and e-mail marketing), provided that Content is: i) displayed only as a representation of Nature’s Expression products for re-sale only, including displayed as part of gallery, collection, album, archive, scrapbook or other aggregation of individual images and/or footage. In the event that you are granted the right to use original images from Nature’s Expression if you discontinue sourcing these items from Nature’s Expression you will be required to remove the image from any active media such as a web site.
2.    You may not use Content in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party’s trademark or other intellectual property or use any Content in a way that places any person depicted in the Content in a way that a reasonable person would find offensive.
3.    Nature’s Expression does not warrant that the Content, Nature’s Expression websites, or other materials, will meet your requirements or that use will be uninterrupted or error free. The entire risk as to the quality, performance and use of the Content is solely with you.
You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from duplicating any Content. If you become aware  of any unauthorized duplication of any Nature’s Expression Content please  notify us via email at Marketing@naturesexpression.com

Setting up Terms

How do I set up terms?
If you would like to set up terms after your first order, please fill in a credit application from the downloads page (login required to access) and return it to our Accounting department.

Si vous souhaitez mettre en place des conditions de paiement après votre première commande, veuillez remplir une demande de credit à partir de la PAGE TELECHARGEMENT (accès à votre compte requis pour y accéder) et nous la retourner à notre department COMPTABILITE.

Shipping Costs

How and when is shipping cost calculated?
All orders are subject to a $5.00 handling fee. Shipping varies by each order and costs are calculated once the entire order has been picked and packed. We ship via Canpar or Loomis (unless otherwise requested), and their rates are based on order value, weight and distance. Shipping estimates are available by request.

Shopping Cart History

Where is my previous shopping cart or order history?
This can be found in your account under "Track your recent orders". (You must be logged in).
If you don't see the order, you may need to enable cookies for our site on your internet browser.

For more information about cookies, please see Privacy information on our Terms and Conditions page.

You may want to save your favourite items to your account instead of relying on previous orders which eventually are deleted from the system, try using our Wish List feature.


Why didn't I receive everything I ordered?
The order confirmation email you receive after you place an order is simply a confirmation of your request. It is possible the item was out of stock. Find further details here.
If you think we forgot to send it, find more information here.

Stone sizing

What size are your tumbled stones / approximately how many are there per pound?
We receive tumbled stones from many different suppliers, so sizing varies depending on the stone. Please give us a call and we will be happy to give you an idea of what we have in stock currently.

Submitting questions and comments

How do I submit a question or comment?
To keep track of a question or request you make, see the "My Requests" section on your Account page while you are signed in.
There are other ways to interact: Click the Contact us! button at the bottom of our web page, post on Our Blog, review an individual product and of course you can always email or give us a call.

Unit pricing

How do I find out the price per unit when items are offered in multiples?
Each product listing includes the price of the total items included and lists the quantity you will receive. To find out the price per unit, divide the price by the quantity listed on the product page. For products such as displays, which hold a number of different items, feel free to request a breakdown of pricing from your account manager.

Volume Discounts

Is there a discount for ordering a larger quantity of items?
Often you will pay a lower price per item when you purchase a larger specified quantity. Discounts per item type vary. Many item discounts appear in our price list only. If you think you may be entitled to a larger discount, please feel free to ask in the space provided on the checkout page. One of our account managers will be happy to answer your questions. Some items we carry are available by the case or skid.

Warehouse Shopping

Can I shop in person at your warehouse?
Yes! Find details here.

We do not have a Salt Lamp Recall

We do not have a Salt Lamp Recall - Important information to know about a 2017 Salt Lamp Recall

Thank you for stopping by our website, if you are here to find out more information about a recent salt lamp recall, rest assured that lamps from Nature’s Expression do not fall in to this category of recall, we do not source our lamps by the vendor issuing the recall.

The ultimate recall reason is due to a hazard in the cord that comes with the lamp.

At Nature’s Expression you can buy with confidence knowing that your lamps have been tested according to CSA Standards by the Quality Auditing Institute, a North American approved testing and certification agency. All Our lamps are tested and certified under CSA C22.2 No. 12.

Download our salt lamp regulatory merchandising aid and place it next to our salt lamps to keep your customers informed about the quality and safety of these lamps.

If you would like to know more about the recall please visit this post

To share more information with your customers, download our merchandising aid.

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