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Explore Colour with Kaleidoscopes

Learning about colours is a fundamental skill for young children because colours are a key factor in describing our world. Learning to differentiate objects helps children to practice their verbal communication, to classify and to develop health and safety skills. For example, red is commonly used to indicate danger, which provides a clear sign for children to learn what to be cautious of. Colour also opens up a new and exciting world of vocabulary.

Each kaleidoscope contains a combination of images and gems that stimulate the imagination. They are butterfly, fish and safari themed which allows the body, mind and spirit to be lifted by the delightful visuals. This joyful contraption is perfect for anyone as it can also boost creativity, encourage relaxation and aid focus. Kaleidoscopes can engage both sides of the brain which is also helpful for problem solving. One study even showed that kaleidoscopes can help hyperactive children become more focused.