Quick Essentials of Essential Oils

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Quick Essentials of Essential Oils
Basically, essential oils are the aromatic substances found in plants and organic materials. There are quite a few ways to use essential oils. They can lift a mood, evoke emotions, be used to calm or activate the nervous system, reduce inflammation, combat micro-organisms, or simply… just smell really good. But, believe it or not, your only option is not sniffing it out of the bottle!



There are many types of diffusers in this day and age, be it an oil heater where you may add a few drops to carrier oil or water, or a vaporizing diffuser where the oil is vaporized into a light cloud that calmly fills any room.


Adding drops of essential oils to steaming water, then placing a towel over your head and the bowl can be an effective way to get the most out of your essential oils. Breathe deeply and calmly. This tends to be a very potent method so you may not want to exceed 2 drops, as it can be overwhelming.


Splash a couple drops to the back of the shower to enjoy the scent while it vaporizes with the heat of the water. 3-4 drops work well for a soothing experience.


Creating a water-based solution to shake and spray into the air can also be a quick and easy way to use essential oils. Make sure to shake the solution before spraying, as oil and water tend to separate.



Adding essential oils in bath water is fantastic as this way you are using aromatherapy combined with topical usage since it later absorbs through the open pores in your skin. Allow for the oils to disperse before entering the bath.


Using a natural carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil work fantastic, be sure to prepare your mix of oils prior to application of areas that you will be gently rubbing. Note that massage blends should not exceed 1 drop in a teaspoon for adults.


First make sure to dilute the essential oil with a carrier liquid such as water or oil and apply directly to affected irritated area or on gauze dressing.

The key is to keep these powerful oils away from sensitive areas and be sure to not use something that you may be allergic to. Tempting as it may be, don’t ignore the warnings on the label either. Pure Essential Oils are highly concentrated. Used properly, they can be extremely beneficial.

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