Employee Spotlights

30th Anniversary Employee Spotlights

To Celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we want you to meet the N.E. Family! From our wonderful sales team, to our hard-working warehouse staff and everyone in between - we are all ROCKSTARS (pun intended), and we all play a very important part of a team to get you the best products!
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Dustin - Accounting and Payroll Administrator

Dustin With Nature's Expression since: 2015
Who inspires you most at NE and why: Greg. I think if a person has a successful business doing something they're passionate about, that they've achieved something very special.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: Halloween is always fun. Everyone dresses up: witches, pirates, zombies, cardboard robots, and the list goes on. Love the team spirit and creativity everyone has!
Favorite Product: Zenature Leather Journals

Alexandra - Shipper

Michele - Customer Service & Sales Support

Karen - Buyer

Karen - Apophyllite With Nature's Expression since: 2003
Who inspires you most at NE and why: Greg - The amount of effort he has put into the company over the years is Amazing. Just seeing how he did Tucson Gemshow all by himself was eye opening. All the effort that goes into getting the goods from ALL the suppliers would be unbelievable to most people. Not a lot of Business owners would put that much effort into acquiring some of the rarer items for individual customers. And the fact that he will not buy something someone has requested if he cannot re-sell it at a reasonable price is admirable.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: My first trip to buy goods at the Tucson Gem show. I was in awe of how big the show was and the diversity of products shown there. I saw many items I would like to have in my personal collection. Attending the Gem and Mineral show continues to be the highlight of my year here.
Favorite Product: I'm not sure I have ONE favourite product. It is the crystals and specimens that draw the most attention from me. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful things that Mother Earth produces. But if I had to pick a favourite it would probably be the apophylite clusters. Especially the ones with other inclusions to add to the uniqueness of them.

Tracy - Shipping Lead

Tracy - Zeolite With Nature's Expression since: 2006
Who inspires you most at NE and why: Greg and his story on how he started the company.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: When Alex first started she was picking. I come along to check her order and I find something that is incredibly confusing. She backordered the "Customer Appreciation" because she couldn't find it. It was one of the funniest moments I've had checking an order.
Favorite Product: All the wonderful things we get from Tuscon.

Margaux - Account Manager Team Lead


Katilin - Business Operations Manager

Katilin With Nature's Expression since: 2015
Who inspires you most at NE and why: This is really hard choice. Everyone I work with inspires me in different ways, everyday! So, I will go with the person who has inspired me the longest, and someone who challenges me to be my very best. From my interview with her, to my friendship that has grown with her, Melissa Brown has been an ongoing inspiration for me. We hit it off right away in the interview, and it felt so natural. We were meant to work together. Her mind is so sharp, and her thirst for knowledge takes our projects we work on together to another level. Together, we overcome any challenges we face, with a mindset of learning. She has passion for her work, and her personal life that inspires me to look for what I love and go after it.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: Our 2016 Visioning Workshop. Everyone was participating and having so much fun. Our company values, team values and individual values were aligned, and we got to experience a wonderful day of team building, transparency and goal setting. Everyone had an opportunity to let their personalities shine, especially when teams were tasked with coming up with a product features that have never been thought of before.
Favorite Product: Everyday it changes. Right Now, I'm in love with Zenature Oils. I have burners and diffusers in every room in my house and at my desk at work. I enjoy mixing the oils to create new blends, and love when I walk into a room and it just feels good.

Melissa - Marketing Projects Coordinator

Mel with sheep With Nature's Expression since: 2010
Who inspires you most at NE and why: Greg Stump inspires me to make decisions that have a positive ripple effect - on myself, my team, the whole company and our customers. He has always provided guidance through positive reinforcement and by his own example.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: I worked at the Head Office for 5 years and when I was ready to chase my dream of building a homestead on Vancouver Island, Greg and Linda-Ann supported me in working remotely. When I visit every couple months it's like a family reunion. I also love it when the whole team dresses up for a themed staff event - seeing people in costume shows a side that is silly and fun. Our team building workshops with horses facilitated by Linda-Ann are truly special. I always feel more grounded and much closer to my work family.
Favorite Product: When I look closely at a crystal or mineral it gets my imagination going. Sometimes I can see a whole world inside of a quartz point with inclusions, or I'll find that perfect wish stone because it has beautiful markings. My absolute favourite stone is labradorite, the way it catches the light and looks like the Northern lights. I have many of our products in my home - a salt lamp in my living room, prayer flags all over my garden and bells on my front gate.

Theresa - Independent Sales Rep.

Theresa With Nature's Expression since: 2007
Who inspires you most at NE and why: I feel like everyone at NE brings with them their own unique gifts and that each one inspires me in one way or another, It's a pretty cool family.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: After 10 years, I would have to say I have a load of great memories. By far my most appreciated experience has to be the friendships I have made with the owners and staff members, both past and present. I have also gained some close relationships with many of my accounts that I feel will be long lasting. Second would be how much I have learned working in sales as well as with the crystals, in regards to their names and properties. I came to NE having no sales experience and only knowing the basic stones. The knowledge that I have gathered in my 10 years is beyond fabulous and I am very grateful.
Favorite Product: THE CRYSTALS! Mainly the natural rough crystals, however I am attracted to all of them honestly, it's one of my passions.

Roxanne - BC Account Manager

Roxanne With Nature's Expression since: 2016
Who inspires you most at NE and why: Katilin - The amount of responsibilities, knowledge and dedication to all aspects of the company makes my head spin... She can even drive a fork lift (I heard she races cars for fun too).
Favorite Memory / Experience here: Hmm so many... Let me count the top three. Last person's birthday and the ones before that, basically any event that involves cake. Summer pot luck lunch I love the great food and the best part is the dress up themes - Linda Ann and Greg were dressed as the Mexican Cartel. Toronto Spring Gift 2018 - Building the booth with my trusty Team Lead Margaux, she knows how to getter done!!
Favorite Product: Amethyst Heart Cluster, Vanandinite Cluster, and Cobaltoan Calcite.

Victoria - Piecework / Warehouse Assistant

Vikki With Nature's Expression since: 2004 - I started first with just piecework and then about 5 years ago I joined the warehouse team.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: The Christmas parties!
Favorite Product: I really love all of our bracelets!

Graham - Stocker / Shipper

Graham - cathedral With Nature's Expression since: 2017
Who inspires you most at NE and why: Tracy "Loud and Proud"
Favorite Memory / Experience here: Learning the forklift. Training with Vincent and watching him get stuck going in circles.
Favorite Product: The cathedrals

Wade - Minerals and Fossils

Wade - Kyanite With Nature's Expression since: 2016
Favorite Memory / Experience here: Driving the forklift obstacle course in the parking lot that Shaun set up.
Favorite Product: It's hard for me to pick just one, I really enjoy everything we carry.

Meghan - Shipper

Meghan - Celestite With Nature's Expression since: 2017
Who inspires you most at NE and why: I am most inspired by Greg because he was determined to follow his passion and made something amazing out of it. I am inspired by his knowledge of the stones and how he still enjoys passing his knowledge to others.
Favorite Memory / Experience here: When Shaun and Graham made a huge tower out of boxes and I knocked it over.
Favorite Product: I love ALL the specimens

Check out our 30 Year Story & Flashback Photos - in celebration of our anniversary.