Deep Breath

“Relax and rejuvenate your sacred spirit." - Lailah Gifty Akita


The busy season is coming to an end and it's a brand new year! Meditation and breathing exercises are my favourite way to relive stress and anxiety. Simply taking 5 - 10 minutes to quiet my mind and breathe deeply reminds my body to turn off my fight or flight response and just relax. When I meditate, I find it helpful to set the tone by scenting my space with essential oils. A diffuser helps me to transform the environment and take me into a whole different headspace. One whiff of the scented vapour is unbelievably relaxing.?

These electric diffusers use Ultrasonic wave technology to instantly vaporize water and essential oils from the tank to deliver a cool, fragrant mist without any heat. All you have to do is fill up your diffuser with water and add three to five drops of essentials oils. Switch up the scents as you please to match your desire! As simple as it is to use this electric diffuser, it acts as so much more than a stress reliever. Use a variety of scents to control your appetite, kill bacteria and mold, decongest mucus or even repel mosquitos!
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