Crystal Skulls for Chakra Healing

Posted by Timmy Wong on 3/12/2014 to Product Spotlights
On his most recent trip to Brazil, CEO Greg Stump selected a variety of beautiful hand-carved crystal skulls including clear quartz, amethyst, and smokey quartz varieties. With this expanded availability we have been able to add these to our website and want to share some insight about how they can be used.
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Crystal skulls are a popular item in meditation and many people seek them for their natural healing abilities. They symbolize life and rebirth, but are also used to amplify thoughts and intentions. Needless to say, they are fascinating and mysterious.

The similarity to our own human skulls is believed to make for a very strong spiritual connection – when we transfer our thoughts and intentions to the skulls, they respond back with sharper clarity, shedding greater insight into our actions and thoughts.

While they look fantastic as a standalone specimen, skulls can be used in chakra healing as well. Recently, our Account Manager Margaux came across an informative video that demonstrates a method of using crystal skulls in chakra meditation. The skulls are used to help activate the third eye and crown chakras, making thoughts and intentions flow much easier.


The third eye chakra is used to visualize a creative idea, and help separate between reality and illusion; it connects to intuition, allowing one to receive guidance. The crown chakra represents the access point to higher consciousness; it aids in discovering the connection between the physical world and the heavens.

Selecting the right crystal:
  • Amethyst skulls are often chosen for meditation to calm the mind, leading to higher realms and focused clarity. Add it to your order
  • Clear quartz skulls are used to increase emotional energy and motivation, and calm chaotic emotions; clear quartz is considered the master healing stone; the skulls can be used to amplify intentions during meditation. Add it to your order
  • Smokey quartz skulls are sought after to provide grounding, protection and turning negative energy into positive energy. Add it to your order

If you are interested in skulls, we also have them in many other varieties of minerals. Currently included in the mix are amethyst, smokey quartz, carnelian, rose quartz, jet, ruby zoisite, gold tiger eye, nummite, brecciated jasper, and some black obsidian.

The availability of stone types and sizes varies greatly, and it is recommended you speak with your Account Manager to ensure you get the skulls you want. To order these other varieties of skulls, simply add item NOCODE07 to your order, and feel free to add any comments you may have about what you are looking for. You will be contacted to complete your selection.

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