Colour Psychology - Peach

“The colour orange makes me think of spirituality and compassion. I find that meditation is helped when I am close to orange objects.” – Sikhme

Colour Psychology of Himalayan Salt

How would you describe the colour of a salt lamp? Peach might be a good place to start - peach is a blend of yellow and pink. White softens the brightness of this colour.
Peach is known to be an excellent colour for communication, manners and calm. It is a colour that gives you shelter, as it does not let you sink into pain or disappointment. This colour brings a high degree of positivism, always rejuvenating us in the most difficult moments.

This natural lamp composed of salt from the Himalayan mountain range sits on a wooden base. Each one is crafted by hand and is therefore unique. Unlike most other lights, a salt lamp will have a strong decorative value even when turned off. It has the ability to impress both in dim rooms and in rooms immersed in bright natural light! Place it next to a big window to see it shine in daylight! The salt lamp can become a part of your unwinding routine as you sit in a comfortable armchair and let go of the day. Whether a room is big or small, the glow of the salt lamp will instantly give it a cozy and comfortable feeling.
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