Buddha Hand Gestures

Posted by Timmy Wong on 10/18/2013 to Wellness

Buddha sculptures are now very popular as decorative accessories in offices, stores, homes and gardens, and as meditative aids. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Buddhas are often depicted in drawings and sculptures with specific postures and hand gestures. These hand gestures are known as mudras.

With over 100 mudras, have you wondered why there are so many? What do they all mean? Where should Buddha sculptures with different hand gestures be placed around the home?

In this blog article from Rodika Tchi - 10 Buddha Hand Gestures Placement in Your Home, she explores 10 different mudras commonly found on Buddha sculptures, and where to place them in your home for optimal feng shui.

At Nature’s Expression, we have a diverse selection of Buddha products. Choose everything from sculptures in a Vitarka gesture to laughing Buddhas, to a meditating Buddha in a zen garden. We even have Buddha water fountains (pictured left).

Where are your Buddha sculptures placed at home or the store? Take a picture, and show us on Facebook!

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