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Gone with the Wind (Chimes)

As spring rolls back around, there is a soft cool breeze and the flowers start to bloom again; it’s time to head outside and enjoy the sunshine! If you’re looking for a new hobby - try gardening! It is known to build strength, reduce stress, foster human connections and heal the body. Not only will you get the opportunity to provide nutritious fruits and vegetables as well as beautiful flowers; you will also be exposed to vitamin D from the sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body which keeps the bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Gardening also makes the butterflies and bees happy!

Enhance the sounds of nature with the light tinkling of sliced agate wind chimes from Brazil. Capture the glow of sunlight in an assortment of natural or colour treated options. The tones produced by chimes are said to have a healing effect on our bodies by calming the mind and awakening spirits. Agate is a stone of harmony, used to balance Yin and Yang. It is a protective energy stone that helps connect the body to the Earth.

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