Wishful Thinking

Posted by Melissa Brown on 12/23/2022 to Inspiration Series
Wishful Thinking


"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and to be that perfectly." - St. Francis De Sales


The world gets a little brighter each time someone makes a wish. Having hope in things you love is one of the best feelings and it gets even better when it comes true. In case you needed a sign that your dream is about to come true - this is it! Take advantage of all the magic in this world. One of my favourite childhood superstitions are wishbones. They symbolize good luck, optimism and love as I would make a wish every chance I got.

Stone Treasure Jewellery Kits

Jewellery can be so much more than just an adornment, it is a memento that marks a special day or right of passage. Creating your own jewellery is a beautiful form of self expression. When gemstones are incorporated, each piece takes on a unique meaning.

These stone treasure jewellery kits contain an assortment of beads, gemstone chips, charms and accessories. Using the materials in the kit, you can make bracelets, necklaces, earrings and whatever else your creative mind desires.

A Lovely Distraction

Warm Wish Stones

Wish Stones

Words have power and energy. They have the ability to help, to heal and to inspire or to harm and hinder. The words on these wish stones are all focused on positivity because a single word can brighten someones day or provide a positive focus during times of trouble. A loving word may become an affirmative mantra to the self. Carrying a wish stone can inspire positive change in our mental dialogue plus it makes an excellent worry stone.

Friendship Wish Bracelets

An Everlasting Legend

Best Wishes

We’re taking a trip down memory lane to create upgraded versions of the friendship bracelets we would make during summer camp. Wish bracelets are a customizable, inexpensive and stylish craft project suitable for anyone at any age. The intention of a wish bracelet is to make a wish before you tie on your completed bracelet. Every time a bead falls out, it means that your wish is going to come true. Sixteen tutorials on how to make a wish bracelet! Once you start, you’re never going to want to stop! Make a wish bracelet

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