Up Up and Away

Posted by Melissa Brown on 7/9/2022 to Inspiration Series
Up Up and Away


"If nothing ever changed, there would be no such things as butterflies" - Wendy Mass

Up Up and Away

The symbolic meaning of butterflies is one that deserves more attention. All around the world, the butterfly acts as a representation of resurrection, change, renewal, hope, endurance and courage. It’s incredible that they begin life in one form and transform into something completely different. Many look at it as an analogy that new choices can start a new beginning. One of our favourite interpretations is how a butterfly can’t see how beautiful their wings are, but everyone else is able to appreciate it - and that’s the way we should look at ourselves.

Rustic Bell Chimes - Butterflies With Cone Bells

Composed of thirty green butterflies and rustic cone bells, this large chime is made using an age-old technique of metal work. Each cone is shaped by hand, then buried under the hot sand kiln in order to give each bell a unique patina and beautiful round tone. When the breeze blows, this chime creates a light tinkling sound and the butterflies appear as if they were fluttering around.

A Lovely Distraction

Transformational Phantom Quartz Specimens

Thousand Layer Phantom Smokey Quartz

The layers within this form of phantom quarts formed over thousands of years. As quartz formations grew, they captured the beauty of nature. Phantom crystals are all about growth and moving on, moving past blockages. If you are feeling "stuck" in life you will most likely be attracted to this crystal.

Smokey quartz is said to mitigate stress, fear and anger by transferring these emotions into the Earth where they are transformed into positive energies for growth and expansion.

Fluttering Around

Placement of Wind Chimes

An obvious way to go about placing wind chimes is aesthetics. They can be placed inside near a window or outdoors. However, did you know that the placement of your wind chimes actually corresponds to different meanings? According to Feng Shui experts, metal wind chimes in particular should be placed in the North West zone. When a wind chime is installed at the right spot, positive vibes spread in the house or office.

  1. West: Brings in positivity while influencing health and performance.
  2. Northwest: Helps to gain success by attracting inspirational and powerful people.
  3. Southwest: Circulates the Chi and brings in more friendships.
  4. North: Attracts water and brings luck into your life.

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