Part 8 of 8: Lepidocrocite - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Posted by Melissa Brown on 8/25/2021 to Spotlight: Super Seven
Part 8 of 8: Lepidocrocite - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

In this final of our eight part series exploring the minerals that compose Super Seven Quartz., we look at lepidocrocite and also summarize our findings.

The Formation of Lepidocrocite

Similarities can be found in the formations of lepidocrocite and goethite. While they both tend to be iron rich and form through oxidization weathering, lepidocrocite additionally undergoes a process known as hydrogen bonding. This relatively weakly bonded layering is caused by an electrostatic force of attraction between a hydrogen atom which is chemically bound to a more electronegative oxygen atom. This accounts for the scaly habit of the mineral. Interestingly, lepidocrocite can also be found as rust scale inside old steel water pipes and tanks.

The Name Lepidocrocite

The name of this pinkish red to reddish brown mineral is derived from two Greek words. Lipis means scale krokis means fibre. Lepidocrocite also has the synonyms esmeraldite and hydrohematite.

Metaphysical Benefits of Lepidocrocite

Lepidocrocite is known for its soothing vibrations. Many have used lepidocrocite to calm hyperactivity as it works with the heart chakra to open up one’s heart to divine love. Lepidocrocite is said to work by bringing all aspects of the body together to aid with developing intuitive and telepathic abilities. It may also help us to recognize our strengths, which leads to emotional healing.

The Uses Of Lepidocrocite

Lepidocrocite is an excellent meditation stone. Many have used it to connect with their spirit guides. One may also choose to wear it as an accessory to relieve stress and aid with overcoming difficult obstacles.

In Summary

While there may be controversy over the authenticity of super seven quartz, through this exploration we have investigated the individual minerals that are said to be combined within this crystal. Finding so many similarities in their formation might lead one to find logic in the existence of Super Seven Quartz. As is so often the case, the rule of karma plays a big role in crystal work, wherein the intent and actions affect the eventual outcome. A talisman that is chosen for meditation and other spiritual work with specific objectives in mind will most likely aid and inspire us on our journey toward that end goal.

In part one of this series, it was identified that the combined healing energies of Super Seven Quartz are thought to link all of humanity by increasing the vibration and energy of people. It is associated with every chakra and is commonly used to clear energy blockages with its high frequency. Our audit of the individual components of this crystal revealed similar themes such as the amplification and high vibrational properties of clear quartz and rutile, the more grounding and soothing aspects of amethyst, smokey quartz, goethite and lepidocrocite and the energetically cleansing traits of cacoxenite.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of Super Seven Quartz!

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