Part 6 of 8: Goethite - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Posted by Melissa Brown on 7/14/2021 to Spotlight: Super Seven
Part 6 of 8: Goethite - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Further your understanding of the individual minerals that make up Super Seven Quartz. In part six of eight, we'll take a peek into the realm of goethite.

The Formation of Goethite

Contrary to the high temperature formation on rutile, goethite forms in low temperature environments but interestingly is composed of several polymorphs that form in the same high pressure and temperature settings as rutile. This mineral has undergone quite a transformation! This pseudomorph mineral has transformed through the weathering of its iron-rich minerals which have oxidized near to the Earth's surface. While the appearance and dimensions remained constant, the original minerals were replaced by another. Goethite is frequently encountered in the swampy areas at the head of spring waters, on cave floors, and on the bottom of lakes and small creeks.

A Look at the History of Goethite

Goethite is a dark black colour with hints of browns, silvers, reds and yellows. It was first discovered in 1806 by J.G. Lenz in the Hollertszug Mine in Herdorf, Germany. The mineral was named after the polymath and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethite has long been used for pigment (brown ochre). For example. evidence has been found of its use in paint pigment samples taken from the caves of Lascaux in France.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Goethite

Goethite is said to be one with the Earth. It is often sought to heal raw emotions and grief. In chakra work, the root, sacral and third eye are the most commonly targeted. Goethite is also used as a grounding stone for those who are looking to express their creativity and knowledge.

The Uses Of Goethite

In order to be surrounded by creative energy, users may place a goethite specimen in an office or studio setting. Whether one chooses to leave it on a desk or shelf, goethite is said to stimulate the mind and break any limitations that are restricting the mind. Meditating with goethite may also free the mind to reach for more abundant knowledge.

In the seventh article of our eight part series, we'll feature a mineral more rarely included in the melody stone, cacoxenite.

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