Part 5 of 8: Rutile - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Posted by Melissa Brown on 6/23/2021 to Spotlight: Super Seven
Part 5 of 8: Rutile - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

In this fifth of our eight part series of demystifying Super Seven Quartz, we'll shed some light on rutile. What is it? How do you spot it? What are its metaphysical benefits?

What is Rutile and How is it Recognized?

Rutile is an accessory mineral, meaning that it is usually found within other minerals and is composed primarily of titanium dioxide. The needle-like structure is quite easily spotted because it refracts the most visible light of almost any known crystal. This golden to reddish brown mineral is formed in high temperature, high pressure settings. It is the most stable type of polymorph that we know of. The light refraction qualities of rutile make it popular for use in sunscreen in a finely ground up form. It is also commonly used in bright white paints, papers, plastics and even foods.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Rutile

The electronically conductive fibres of titanium based rutile are thought to intensify and amplify the healing properties of the other minerals they are suspended within. Rutile is used to illuminate a path for spiritual growth and to soothe dark moods.

Uses Of Rutile

The amplifying properties of rutile make it a popular choice for chakra work. It is used to enhance all chakras. One may feel stimulation or a pulsating rhythm, which signals that the power of rutile is being experienced. It is said that one can contact angels or spirit guides through meditation with rutile. Each individual has a different journey, but those who have experienced a relationship with rutile have said that they have reached a realm of infinite possibilities.

Goethite is another flattened mineral that is sometimes needle-like but also can be scaly in appearance, follow along as we discover more about it.

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