Part 4 of 8: Smokey Quartz - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Posted by Melissa Brown on 6/2/2021 to Spotlight: Super Seven
Part 4 of 8: Smokey Quartz - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

This fourth post of our eight part series on the minerals contained with in Super Seven Quartz delves into the world of smokey quartz. Learn how it differs from clear quartz.

The Difference Between Smokey Quartz And Clear Quartz

In addition to the silicon and oxygen that makes up clear quartz, traces of aluminium are built into the crystal lattice of this grey / brown crystal. Although the two have an almost identical structure, smokey quartz has undergone a fascinating energetic process involving gamma rays. A gamma ray is a penetrating form of electromagnetic radiation which is caused by the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei. Because gamma rays consist of the shortest wavelength of electromagnetic waves, they impart the highest photon energy. While this magnificent specimen is translucent, it looks as though it is filled with smoke.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Smokey Quartz

Many people believe that smokey quartz has some of the best healing properties of all crystals. It is used to protect from negative energy which in turn relieves stress, fear and reduces physical pain.

The Uses Of Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is used to provide energetic support and still the mind during meditation, this increases concentration, focus and manifestation. You can also place a smokey quartz specimen in the palm of your hand to help relieve anxiety during times of anguish. People often will point the apex of a smokey quartz crystal toward the ground to allow the negative energies from the body to be absorbed into the Earth. Placing it in a home or environment is also common because it is said to aid with clearing out negative energies.

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