Part 1 of 8 - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Posted by Melissa Brown on 3/31/2021 to Spotlight: Super Seven
Part 1 of 8 - Demystifying Super Seven Quartz

Let’s use Super Seven Quartz as an opportunity to take a closer look at each of the minerals that have been listed in its composition. Follow our eight part series as we shed light on each one and this crystal as a whole.

The Discovery Of Super Seven Quartz

Super Seven Quartz, one of the most talked about (and contested) healing crystals, is a quartz crystal containing inclusions of amethyst, smokey quartz, rutile, goethite, cacoxenite and lepidocrocite. This inclusion quartz was originally discovered at a mine in Brazil located in a southeastern coast state known as Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit). The mine is now submerged completely underwater.

More recently, other sources of similar inclusion quartz have been located in Bahia Brazil and a small mine in India. It is important to note that not all specimens of super seven quartz contain all seven minerals which is why many in the mineral community contest its existence, its name and the marketing around it. Super Seven is also referred to as Melody Stone or Sacred Stone.

Metaphysical Properties Of Super Seven Quartz

Combination or inclusion crystals are sought after for the combined healing energies of multiple minerals. For example, it has been said that Super Seven Quartz can link all of humanity by increasing the vibration and energy of people. Due to its many inclusions, this crystal is associated with every chakra and is commonly used to clear energy blockages. Many feel that the high frequency of this stone can provide a pathway to understanding the purpose of the soul and connect us to our past lives.

Uses Of Super Seven Quartz

As is true with so many things in life, the energy put in to something affects the outcome. Therefore, the use of Super Seven Quartz in a meditation practice is an excellent place to start. Many claim that this crystal has given them psychic communication abilities where they have become awakened and stimulated with a new level of awareness.

Wearing Super Seven Quartz throughout the day is another common practice with the goal of maintaining an energetically stimulating auric field. One may also sleep with the crystal tucked under a pillow in order to feel a sense of tranquility and positivity.

Next, we'll take a closer look at clear quartz.

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