Stay a While

Posted by Melissa Brown on 1/14/2023 to Inspiration Series
Stay a While


"Home is where you feel loved, appreciated and safe." - Tracey Taylor

A House Warming

For centuries, friends have gathered to celebrate the milestone of a new home with friends and family. In medieval times, the warming was quite literal, with a fire being lit in the new hearth. These days it's more of a bash. Some keep it simple with pizza (because the to do list is still waiting) and others serve fancy drinks and appetizers. Some clever folks also put their friends to work painting or cleaning their new digs before getting down to party business. A house warming is also an excellent time to meet the new neighbours by holding an open house. Most importantly this is a memory to cherish.

Animal Doorstops

What better way to congratulate a loved one on their new home than gifting them with an adorable hand carved and painted piece of art. It literally holds the door open for them - allowing them to invite positive energy and amazing people (and pets) into their lives.

These hand carved and painted wooden animal door stops add an inviting touch to any home, business or environment. The faces of the animals are adorable and they are one of the most thoughtful gifts. Gift your loved ones with their favourite animal!

A Lovely Distraction

Cleansing Sage, Lavender & Cedar Blend

Sage Cleansing Blend

While renovations may take care of the visual leftovers from previous home owners, they don't address the atmosphere in a space. Some may be dubious about this mystical energy, however traditional Chinese medical sciences have been able to indirectly observe and measure these invisible energies.

To make a new home feel truly cleansed, it's important to open all the windows to allow stale energy out and to cleanse the space with a natural smoke. The Cleansing Blend is ideal for a new home. White sage is the key ingredient because it cleanses stagnant energies for fresh intentions. Next there is cedar which is used for protection, especially in a new home. Finally, lavender sets the stage for peaceful grounded energy.

Housewarming Gifts

Top 5 Healing Crystals for the Home

Rose Quartz

Who doesn't want to invite unconditional love into their new space? Place this crystal in a high traffic area to inspire harmony and peace.


A stone of abundance and good fortune. Take a note from Feng Shui and place this beautiful yellow crystal in the farthest left corner of the home (in relation to the front door).

Obsidian Arrowhead

Tuck an obsidian arrowhead under the front doormat with the point facing out to repel low energies.


This stone of action is perfect for a home office because it promotes persistence, self-confidence and vitality.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Moving can be stressful, so winding down with a cleansing salt soak is the perfect emotional detox.

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