Honouring the Spirit Bear

Posted by Melissa Brown on 11/12/2022 to Inspiration Series
Honouring the Spirit Bear


"Once you find a kindred spirit, never let them go." - N.R. Hart

Touching Spirit Bear

Spirit Bears (Ursus americanus kermodei) are a unique colouration of the costal British Columbian black bear subspecies known as the Kermode bear. The Tsimshian First Nations refer to them as moksgm'ol (white bear). These striking creatures play an important role in local Kitasoo / Xai'xais culture and increasingly in Indigenous-led tourism. This form of responsible tourism also teaches how to leave minimal impact on the places we visit.

Spirit Bears On Selenite

These handmade gifts feature a white quartz Spirit Bear family atop a slab of satin spar selenite. They are the perfect souvenir item as each unique piece has been carefully hand-assembled and signed by our in-house artisan. Selenite is a stone of purification, soothing nerves, balancing emotions and boosting empathy.

A Lovely Distraction

Peaceful Quartz Arrowheads

Clear Quartz Arrowhead Pendants

Arrowheads symbolize protection, alertness, courage and strength.The direction an arrow is pointing has additional symbolism in some indigenous cultures. In this case, a downward pointing arrow symbolizes peace.

Clear quartz can be worn to grow a connection to the spiritual world. It is often considered to represent the white light of creation. This master healer is used to amplify energy.

The Significance Of Spirit Bear

An Everlasting Legend

Spirit Bears have long been present in First Nations traditional storytelling, song and dance. According to legends, Raven the Creator made every 10th black bear into a white one to remind the community that the world was once covered by ice. More recently, the spirit bear has come to represent Indigenous child welfare equality and it is featured in the book named Spirit Bear and Children Make History.

The Kermode Bear, otherwise known as Spirit Bear, lives in the rain forests of central British Columbia and is the official mammal of the province. The Great Bear Rainforest spans 6.4m-hectares and is a mix of coastal rainforest and shoreline. As one of the rarest animals in the world, it is estimated that there are currently 400 - 1,200 individuals. While their habits are similar to their black counterparts, Kermode bears are adept at catching fish because they blend into the daylight. Unfortunately, up to 50 percent of their habitat is currently threatened by oil development, logging operations and climate change. These impressive survivors are at risk.

It is hoped that the Kermode bear will continue to make history as the mascot for protection of the rainforests in BC.

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