Naturally Healthy

Posted by Melissa Brown on 4/16/2022 to Inspiration Series
Naturally Healthy


"I will always smell good" - Isaiah Mustafa

The Age Old Question

There has always been a debate around whether you should put on deodorant before or after you exercise. Well, the answer is actually both! In order to prevent odour, apply deodorant to clean, dry skin before you embark on vigorous activities. You may also take a shower afterwards and apply deodorant once again to ensure you are smelling as fresh as a peach! 

Deo Stones

Deo stones, also known as crystal deodorant is an alternative deodorant made from natural mineral salt. These pure and unscented deo stones only contain potassium sulfate, aren’t sticky, greasy and will not stain clothing. Unlike other deodorants, it also does not contain harsh chemicals, perfumes, oils, emulsified alcohol or aluminum chlorohydrate. None of the contents are absorbed by the body either. Deo stones simply inhibit bacterial growth which causes odour

A Lovely Distraction

An Array of Agate Stones

Active Agate

Agates come in a wide variety of colours and formations. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that agate could make their soldiers strong and victorious in battle. One of the oldest carved gemstones ever found is a 3,500 year old piece of agate depicting a warrior dispatching an opponent. Agate is thought to improve speed and endurance in athletes.
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Get Moving!

DIY Outdoor Games

Now that you are well equipped with everything you need to prevent unwanted odour - it’s time to let your playful side shine! Lower your stress levels and soak in that vitamin D outside with the family for a whirlwind of fun. We’ve prepared a list of inexpensive and exciting activities for you to do!

  • Frisbee Golf - Similar to playing and scoring golf, the lowest number of throws to hit a target. Set up a course in your local park. Learn more
  • Balloon Tennis - This simple setup requires a couple of fly swatters and some balloons. You can play indoors or over a fence! Learn More
  • Chalk Obstacle Course - Not only will this get you moving, it will bring out creativity. You can build a course for any skill level. Learn More
  • Tin Can Bowling - This activity also includes arts and crafts when you make your own set. Learn More
  • Water Balloon Baseball - Save this game for Summer because you'll need LOTS of water balloons, a whiffle bat, a water gun and hula hoops for bases. Read the rules before you play. Learn More

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