Natural vs Treated vs Man-Made

Posted by Christie Chong on 2/19/2021 to Product Spotlights
Natural vs Treated vs Man-Made

The Science Behind Natural, Treated & Man-made Crystals

Man-made crystals have an identical chemical composition to those that are 100% natural. However, natural crystals are often formed in the presence of other minerals and gases. This causes slight colour variations and flaws, which won’t be seen in those that are man-made as man-made crystals are created in a lab and can normally be grown on demand. Treated gemstones are right in between those that are natural and man-made. The process of treating includes procedures such as bleaching, dyeing, irradiation, heat and surface coating. This is done to enhance the existing beauty of a natural crystal.

Healing Properties

Crystals that are formed in natural circumstances hold the energy, memories and history of its surroundings. The evolution and development of these crystals will carry the direct energy of the universe, whereas those that are man-made will not. Most aficionados will prefer to work with natural crystals, however this does not mean that man-made crystals are useless. Deborah Hanekamp once said that with “anything you own and truly love, your love will shift the vibration of it because love is the most powerful energy shifter.” If you believe that it is powerful, the placebo effect is said to take over and bring you the same amount of energy as a natural crystal.

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