The Meaning of Om

Posted by Christie Chong on 10/20/2021 to Wellness
The Meaning of Om

The Om symbol is widely respected as it ecompasses the concept of ultimate reality. Understand what each component of the symbol represents.

The Meaning Of The Om Symbol

The Om or Aum symbol is associated with sacredness, silence, oneness, totality, truth, sacred trinity, manifestation, perpetuation, sustenance, divine expression, evolution and creativity. Om is a Sanskrit word that represents the Braham and is widely respected in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is generally known as the sound of the universe as it ecompasses the essence of ultimate reality.

Breaking Down Om

The Om symbol is representative of the 3-fold division of time that makes up Om.
  • A (Ahh) The Waking State: The first curve in this symbol represents the creation of the universe. It connects and allows one to experience the world’s complete existence.
  • U (Ooh) The Dream State: The second curve highlights the energy of the universe and connects one to their inner sense of understanding. It shows that there is something greater than the physical body.
  • M (Mmm) The State of Deep Sleep: The third curve represents the thoughts and beliefs that make up one's being. It unifies the soul with oneness.
  • Additional Markings

    The dot represents a state where one has reached a point of peace and bliss. The semi-circle teaches that the highest state of being is not inhibited by illusion.

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