Finding Power in Your Own Body

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Finding Power in Your Own Body


"But I suppose you must touch life in order to spring from it." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Contrast Hydrotherapy

If you're looking for a boost to your immune system and increased energy look no further than the contrast of hot and cold. Contrast showers consist of three cycles of hot, then cold water with an increase to the contrast each cycle. Cold water causes blood vessels to constrict, sending blood deeper into the organs while hot does the opposite, bringing blood to the surface. This switch essentially causes a flush to the system and also helps reduce muscle tension.

Hot and Cold Therapy Stones

While hot and cold are often used for injuries, they can also be used for health maintenance. Massage therapy is excellent for reducing anxiety and stress and in this case it is incorporated with therapeutic stones.

Hot stone therapy is known for its deeply soothing and relaxing effects. Heat has long been used to relieve muscle tension. Heat is also a helpful aid in sleep therapy. There are may who use this technique in the management of long term disease symptoms.

Cold stone therapy is excellent for stimulating the nervous system. The cold contact on the body causes blood vessels to contract thus increasing the lymph flow around the body. It is commonly used to aid inflamed muscles and detoxify the body. It is a powerful decongestant that releases tense and overworked muscles.

A Lovely Distraction

Serene Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Crystal Earrings

The lore of amethyst began with the greeks who drank from goblets studded with amethyst gems to prevent drunkenness and excess. Its name is literally derived from the greek word amethystos which means not intoxicated. Today, this crystal is associated with serenity and calmness and is often used to dispel negative energy.

Besides being a beautiful stone that pairs well with any wardrobe, the facets of an amethyst crystal add a touch of sparkle. Amethyst pairs easily with warm rose tones bright fuchsia and pink, cool blues and deep grays.

Using Therapy Stones

An Everlasting Legend

How To Use Hot Therapy Stones

Place the basalt stones in hot water for 15 minutes or until they are to the temperature of your liking. Prepare your therapy space by placing the stones on a towel. Depending on your goals, stones can be placed along the spine, the stomach, the chest, the face or used on the hands and feet. The heat from the stones can also relax muscle tension when integrated into regular massage techniques.

How To Use Cold Therapy Stones

Wrap the marble stones in a towel and place them in the freezer for 20 minutes or until cold. The stones can be placed in similar locations to hot stones or they can be gently rubbed against the face for a surface massage or placed on top of a sheet along the body for a full massage.

It is common to use both hot and cold stones at the same time to affect blood and energy flow.

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