Encapsulate Mementos

Posted by Melissa Brown on 6/18/2022 to Inspiration Series
Encapsulate Mementos


"All that is worth cherishing begins in the heart" - Suzanne Chapin

Amulet History

Lockets are filled with mystery and a vibe that no other pendant can achieve. A peek into an antique jewellery store will reveal an array of lockets. Some contain a photo, others a lock of hair, and still others hold dried flowers, notes and even ashes.

Ancient amulets gave birth to modern day lockets. They were worn by both men and women as far back as the 16th century. Lockets became highly popular and a must-have fashion accessory during the Victorian era. Victorian ladies wore lockets on chains or on velvet ribbons.

Personal jewellery has become ever more popular in modern times. Keeping a special piece next to your heart is captivating.

Glass Lockets

These stainless steel double sided glass lockets have a magnetic clasp with a pin for extra security to ensure it does not open. The chain is 24 inches and features a ball design with a lobster claw clip. A unique quality about these lockets is they allow one to create their own designs. Mini Rockies gemstone chips are some of our favourite stones to put inside!

A Lovely Distraction

Strengthening Scolecite Specimens

Peach Scolecite

As a member of the zeolite group, scolecite is found in most of the world’s zeolite deposits. This peach variety is actually peach coloured stilbite with white scolecite. It forms in thin vertical striated prismatic crystals. This stone of inner peace and relaxation is popular for meditation.

Scolecite is said to speed up the recharging process. This is especially important for those who are introverted. Note however, that even extroverts need some reflective, self-focused recharging time too.

Meaningful Lockets

Memory Locket Inspiration

The list of items you can place in a glass locket are endless. Whether you choose items to match your outfit, or for a special meaning, the beauty of the locket is that you have complete control over it. Here are 10 ideas for filling a locket.

  1. Crystals or Stone Chips
  2. Twigs or Bark
  3. Sea Glass
  4. Photos or Drawings
  5. Charms
  6. Beads
  7. Glitter or Sequins
  8. Flowers or Leaves
  9. String or thread
  10. Love Notes

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