Inspiration: Elevating Your Personal Style

Posted by Melissa Brown on 3/26/2022 to Inspiration Series
Inspiration: Elevating Your Personal Style


"Always dress like it's the best day of your life"

On Trend

While people have used gemstone bracelets to adorn themselves for centuries, they are now more popular than ever. Exiting combinations of colourful beads can be spotted walking down the street. Even influencers, including fashion icon Emma Chamberlain have been seen wearing them. They elevate any outfit and give the wearer an expensive and luxurious vibe.

Gemstone Round Bead Bracelets

These bracelets come in a variety of stones including amethyst, carnelian, clear quartz, green aventurine, gold tigereye, hematite, labradorite, rose quartz and sodalite. They are approximately 18 cm in circumference with a stretch cord and each bead is 10 mm. The opacity depends on the gemstone chosen, but nevertheless they are all extremely unique and stunning.

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A Lovely Distraction

Must-have Golden Tigereye Bracelets

Gold Tigereye

The most tantalizing aspect of tigereye is the dazzling sparkle when it catches the light. During its formation, the mineral crocidolite is replaced by quartz while the fibrous structure is preserved. These newly created golden limonite fibres produce the shimmering eye-like nature known as chattoyancy.
Tigereye is used to create protection and a balance of power. It is often selected to aid in the recognition of ones need as well as the needs of others. Browse more tigereye

Mix and Match Colour Theory

Dress Like A Pro

Sometimes it can be difficult to put together a decent outfit when you’re in a rush to head out the door. Try using simple colour theory to make it seem like you put hours of effort into every outfit you wear.

The most basic colour schemes are monochromatic. Plain grayscale accessories (Black, grey, white) are often avoided in this more restricted colour pallet.
  • Monochromatic means the colours are exactly the same from head to toe.
  • Tonal means that the single colour varies with the addition of white or black. When it includes white it is called a tint. The presence of black means it is a shade.
The most commonly worn combinations from the colour wheel are referred to as analogous, complementary and triadic. These are more often paired with the neutral tones of white, grey and black.
  • Analogous combinations are beside each other on the colour wheel.
  • Complementary combinations are opposite each other on the colour wheel.
  • Triadic combinations are three equidistant colours on the wheel.
The most advanced colour combinations are referred to as split complimentary. This takes a colour plus the two colours next to its compliment on the wheel.

TIP: Download and print the colour theory chart then hang it in your closet for inspiration.

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