Crystal Visions

Posted by Melissa Brown on 9/10/2022 to Inspiration Series
Crystal Visions


"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities" - J. R. R. Tolkien

I See the Crystal Visions

Dreaming is quite a mysterious, yet exciting experience. Everyone dreams whether they remember it or not and there are many theories behind what dreams mean. Back in the Roman Era, people believed that dreams were messages from the gods. Now, people believe that dreams speak in a deeply symbolic language. However you decide to interpret your own dreams, it’s certain that there’s something truly magnificent about them.

Chakra Dreamcatcher

This delicate dream catcher created from a mix of fabrics and feathers serves as a reminder of harmony and spiritual growth. Dreamcatchers are designed to deflect and capture negative energies. The additional use of chakra colours is meant to treat the entire spiritual body.

Purple - Crown Chakra Top of head
consciousness, connections, realizations, presence, the cosmic self

Indigo - Third Eye Chakra Pineal gland or third eye
Spiritual growth, humanitarianism, intuition, universal knowledge

Blue - Throat Chakra Neck area
expression, communication, propensity, connection

Green - Heart Chakra Chest area
compassion, love, beauty, innocence, happiness

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra Navel area
personal power, expression of will, intellectual abilities, establish ideas

Orange - Sacral Chakra Ovaries / prostate area
relationships, sexuality, emotions, creativity, fantasies

Red - Base or Root Chakra
Bottom of spinal cord
security, survival, physicality, grounding, support

A Lovely Distraction

Energizing Chakra Wand Set

Chakra Wand Set

Our body contains a system of energy centers which need to be in balance for physical, mental and emotional well being. By understanding the purpose and colour of each Chakra, we can use the knowledge to assist the body in healing.

Wands are used to direct energy to a specific point. This wand set features garnet, sunstone, golden quartz, green aventurine, lapis, blue aventurine and amethyst, which are attuned to each of the seven chakra points.

Embrace Your Dreams

Using Your Dreamcatcher

Begin by cleansing your dream catcher with sage or incense. Once you have cleansed your dream catcher, it is best to hang it up outdoors for a couple of hours to let it soak up fresh energy. Although this next step is optional, you can refortify its power by personalizing it using additional feathers of your liking. Feel free to enhance its power with crystals as well. Some of the best crystals to use are clear quartz, selenite and milky quartz. Finally, your dream catcher is ready to be hung up! Dreamcatchers that face the southwest direction are said to bring positive energy into your house and also to reduce nightmares.

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