The Astral Stone Guide: Leo

Posted by Christie Chong on 7/23/2021 to Astrology
The Astral Stone Guide: Leo

The top three gemstones for Leo. Explore your horoscope and the crystals that compliment you. This 12 part series dives into each sign and its astral stone.

Understanding Leo (July 23 - August 22)

These natural born leaders are creative, self-confident and dominant individuals who are able to achieve all of their commitments. Leos often have many friends due to their generosity and loyalty. They are capable of attracting and uniting multiple groups of people and introducing them to a shared cause. Their key strengths include creativity, passion, generosity, cheerfulness and humor, making it easy to collaborate with others.

Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz, Garnet

These energetic, generous and loyal individuals are known for constantly sharing their liveliness with others. Therefore, they should use crystals that will keep them energized and grounded. Tiger’s eye, rose quartz and garnet are able to offer support, enhance creativity, encourage acceptance and promote confidence to their owner.
  1. Tigers eye is said to create a balance of power and assist in accomplishing goals. Its energizing powers are known to heal and clarify by lending strength to one’s body. It may also bring insight to complex situations, deepen one’s meditative state and attract good luck.
  2. Rose Quartz is known to emit a calming, cooling energy that works on all the chakras to gently remove negativity. It can also purify the heart to promote love, friendship, inner healing and peace. At times of grief, it is able to bring a sense of comfort.
  3. As a healing stone, Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business due to its popularity for improving self-esteem and eliminating depression. It is also able to bring prosperity and abundance while encouraging gratitude.

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