The Astral Stone Guide: Capricorn

Posted by Christie Chong on 12/22/2021 to Astrology
The Astral Stone Guide: Capricorn

The top three gemstones for Capricorn. Explore your horoscope and the crystals that compliment you. This 12 part series dives into each sign and its astral stone.

Understanding Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn represents time, independence and responsibility, therefore they are masters of self-control and are able to create solid plans. They have the ability to learn from their past mistakes and make their way to the top due to their experience and expertise. Along with Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is the last sign of the three Earth signs in the trio of practicality and grounding. They truly are intelligent, stable and reliable friends who are warm and open hearted.

Rose Quartz, Garnet, Smokey Quartz

These highly intellectual individuals mainly surround themselves with a few close friends in order to feel supported. As the most serious sign of the zodiac, Capricorns tend to be hard on themselves. Therefore, crystals that encourage self-acceptance and grounding are the perfect fit for them. Rose quartz, garnet and smokey quartz are able to reduce stress, offer strength, increase confidence and ground their energy field.
  1. As the stone of universal love, rose quartz can restore harmony and trust in relationships. It is known to encourage unconditional love by purifying and opening the heart to promote self-love, deep inner healing, feelings of peace and relationships. It links directly to the soul and heart, making it extremely powerful.
  2. Garnet is said to revitalise, purify and balance energy by bringing passion and serenity. It is said to inspire love and devotion while activating feelings of courage and hope. As it is a spiritual stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment, it encourages gratitude to bring its owner prosperity and abundance.
  3. Smokey quartz can gently neutralize negative vibrations to disperse fear and life depression. It brings a sense of emotional calmness, ultimately relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. Smokey quartz is an excellent stone for healing, grounding and balancing energies as it is commonly known for helping one move on from painful experiences.

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