The Astral Stone Guide: Aries

Posted by Christie Chong on 3/26/2021 to Astrology
The Astral Stone Guide: Aries

The top three gemstones for Aries. Explore your horoscope and the crystals that compliment you. This 12 part series dives into each sign and its astral stone.

Understanding Aries (March 21 - April 19)

In astrology, every zodiac sign is assigned to a specific modality. The Aries modality is cardinal, meaning they are traditional, reasonable and natural-born leaders. Aries are bold and ambitious individuals known to dive into challenging situations. They are passionate, motivated and confident leaders who continuously search for dynamic, speed and competitions. Whether it is in a work or social environment, it is their nature to take action.

Red Jasper, Citrine, Carnelian

Due to the passionate fire sign of Aries, their high-energy works well with stones that continue to fuel their fire. Therefore, red jasper, citrine and carnelian work in sync with Aries.
  1. Red jasper promotes vitality which supports those who may be feeling depleted. It encourages individuals to think before acting, making it especially helpful for Aries as they have the tendency to quickly make decisions.
  2. Citrine is excellent for creating interpersonal relationships as it helps individuals understand those around them. It is said to be an effective shield against spite and jealousy, which brings a newfound healing wisdom.
  3. Since carnelian is a fire stone, it instantly matches with the fiery energy of Aries. Carnelian is said to bring passion and courage to those who may feel defeated. In addition, it gives courage and promotes positive life choices in order to help one trust themselves.

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