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With Nature's Expression since: 2014
Position: Business Operations Manager
Fave Products: Anything labradorite and the shinier the better

About Me: I have 15 plus years of customer service and management experience. My customer service mantra is: Customer Service isn't a department it's a choice of attitude, I always want to be the reason for you to smile today.
My strengths are thinking outside the box and learning new skills and never giving up.



With Nature's Expression since: 2015
Position: Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Fave Products: Zenature Oils

About Me: I have a passion for learning. My thirst for knowledge is only seconded by my love of supporting people. My team and all the people I have the opportunity to work with enriches my life. Nature’s Expression has offered me the perfect home to grow and be my authentic self. Every day is a different choose your own adventure.

Favorite Memory / Experience here: Our 2016 Visioning Workshop. Everyone was participating and having so much fun. Our company values, team values and individual values were aligned, and we got to experience a wonderful day of team building, transparency and goal setting. Everyone had an opportunity to let their personalities shine, especially when teams were tasked with coming up with product features that have never been thought of before.



With Nature's Expression since: 2014
Fave Products: The products I am most passionate about at Nature’s Expression are all of the crystals, rocks, gems, stones, minerals, fossils and more crystals! Our warehouse is a truly amazing place and if any of our customers get the chance to visit Vancouver, I highly recommend making an appointment to come and see all the crystals in person!

About Me: My colleagues would describe me as detail oriented, organized, and creative. I come from a design background, and have always had a good eye for seeing beauty in everything. I like to look at each stone as if it is a piece of art and I take pride in being able to hand pick beautiful stones for my customers, as well as help them to come up with creative merchandising solutions. When I am not hanging with my customers in the warehouse, you can find me at the beach!



With Nature's Expression since: 2016
Fave Products: Selenite lamps, metaphysical stones, and onyx tableware

About Me: 17 years of sales and customer service within the print and advertising industries has made me great at identifying customer needs and providing the best customer service practices to ensure business growth and overall satisfaction.

My personal mantra is: Life is a journey and everything happens for a reason whether it is big or small. We can choose to be passive or be proactive and overcome our fears, set our own goals and do the best to reach them. For better or worse, we always have a choice.

I am passionate about the outdoors especially if it involves time at the beach or up in the mountains skiing and hiking. I love spending quality time with my family and friends and am an avid hockey fan of my son :) To relax, I enjoy creating jewelry with natural stones and geodes.



With Nature's Expression since: 2007
Fave Products: Crystals, Handmade Singing Bowls, Buddha statues and Wishstones

About Me: Regarding my job - I love what I do and I do what I love! My customer service mantra is creating happy clients through trust and personal service.

I have an outgoing personality, the ability to understand your needs, and plenty of metaphysical knowledge. I'm passionate about health and wellness with a touch of spirituality, personal growth, and living life full on!


Margaux (AKA Frenchie)

Margaux is currently on maternity leave.
Congratulations Margaux!

With Nature's Expression since: 2013
Fave Products: Labradorite stone - Lore of the Inuit peoples claim "Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, an ordinary stone that transforms to the extraordinary, shimmering in a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms."

About Me: On top of the French language and European culture I incorporate into my customer service, I always listen and learn what you like to make sure you receive the best quality of service and product.

I aim to bring you closer to Nature's Expression! Ask me for a video tour, a skype or a Facetime.

I provide a superior customer experience because of my positive energy. This stems from my passions of sailing, biking and beaching. "The five ups of life: Buckle up, Start up, Keep it up, Don't give up, Cheer up"