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About Nature's Expression

Nature's Expression is a Canadian wholesale supplier specialized in natural gifts and souvenirs including crystals, semi-precious stones, minerals and Himalayan salt products. We have been in business, supporting retailers for over 31 years. Our products support the communities they are made in and come from ethical and sustainable sources.

We provide online and phone support for all customers and strive to meet your needs with flexibility and openness. Your questions or concerns will be handled promptly and with the utmost respect for your needs. We are honoured that you have chosen us to supply you with unique natural gifts and souvenirs.

We supply to retailers such as gift and souvenir stores, metaphysical stores, museums, science and nature establishments, book shops and more, throughout Canada and the US. In addition to our core stone and crystal products, we supply genuine handmade stone jewellery, Himalayan salt products, Tibetan singing bowls, wind chimes, candles, incense and aromatherapy.

À propos de Nature's Expression

Nature’s Expression est une entreprise de gros Canadienne spécialisée dans les cadeaux et souvenirs naturels, incluant les cristaux, les pierres semi-précieuses, les minéraux et les produits de sel Himalayen. Nous supportons les entreprises et commerçants à travers nos opérations depuis 31 ans. Nos produits supportent les communautés d’où ils proviennent et nous achetons les produits faits éthiquement et de manière durable.

Nos clients sont supportés en ligne et par téléphone pour que l’on puisse traiter leurs commandes avec flexibilité et transparence. Vos questions et soucies seront traitées avec respect et promptitude. Nous sommes honorés que vous nous avez choisi pour vous fournir vos cadeaux et souvenirs naturels.

Nous fournissons les détaillants comme les boutiques de cadeaux, de souvenirs, de produits métaphysiques, musées, sciences, de produits naturels, de livres et autres, à travers le Canada et les États-Unis. À part notre gamme clef de produits de cristaux, nous fournissons les bijoux de pierre faits à la main, les produits de sel Himalayen, les bols tibétains, les carillons, les chandelles, l’encens et l’aromathérapie.
A Sample of our products

30th Anniversary Message from CEO Greg Stump

It seems like only yesterday that I bought my first crystal… as it turns out, that was thirty years ago. I soon opened my one bedroom apartment to sell a few stones and crystals. Shortly after, I had crystals stored in every nook and cranny that you could imagine, including stones under the bed and quartz in the oven. The seed for natural products was planted in that apartment.

I remember sitting on the floor in the middle of my apartment gluing pewter animals on amethyst, originally called Creations on Crystal™. These and many other items that were developed in that apartment have withstood the test of time.

My first product was a plant crystal, but then I realized that a crystal could be put anywhere. My goal became to make crystals available to everyone. In this spirit, I enjoyed putting my creativity to work. In 1990, I met Linda-Ann who later became my wife and partner. Together we started forming a bigger vision, shaping our future, and the business along with it. She even traveled to Brazil and Asia with me on buying trips in the early days. Our skill sets were perfect complements and the company started to flourish. Over the next several years, new items were developed with the idea that they would be unique and timeless. Linda-Ann was incredibly supportive, and knew that these ideas could be big sellers. So, with her nudge (or shove, depends on who you ask), the next item was a little assortment of colourful rocks called Rocks-in-a-Box, followed by Canadian Rocks, and Canadian Rockies. These last two products are still with us.

The items we created needed to have some perpetuity and durability, and yet reflect the natural beauty of the earth. I took my talents to the drawing board again and created the Medicine Bag. These bags not only had a crystal, but also offered a bit of indigenous history, and originally were made with deer hide. A vial with pure gold leaf was next, made right here in our warehouse. Many hours of experimentation were required to ensure this product was of the highest quality. Nature’s Expression was the first kid on the block offering natural, unique specimens and souvenirs. We helped to develop this industry, giving us a lot of firsts. We were also the first in Canada to offer Totem Stones.

As time passed, these products were no longer enough to satisfy the growing demand for natural products, so I went travelling to find selenite lamps and fossils from Morocco, meditation pillows from India, and singing bowls from Nepal. While at a show in Hong Kong I was referred to an Ashram in India hand making Nature’s Garden incense. We still carry these natural and uplifting scents (with the perfect name too!). I liked India so much, I accidentally missed my return plane.

As we celebrate our 30th year in business, we recognize the contribution that you, our customers, have made to our success. Enjoy the many new items that we continually strive to bring our mutual success. Our thirty years of growth can be attributed to our loyal customers, great staff, and the beauty and purity that Mother Nature provides to us. We thank you for being on this journey with us as we look forward to bringing you new items and more timeless sellers. Greg Stump, CEO