Zenature Fountain - Happy Buddha Light Fountain

Zenature Fountain - Happy Buddha Light Fountain

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1 fountain with bowl, electric pump and LED light


16.25 cm diameter x 22.5 cm height
Fountains can be placed indoors or out to induce stress relief and relaxation. They also act as a natural humidifier and can further improve the air in your home with added negative ions. You will be amazed at how even a soft flowing water sound can drown out other less enjoyable sounds.

A Mudra is a symbolic hand position. Its purpose is to evoke specific concepts of Buddhist philosophy in the mind during meditation. The Buddha on this fountain is holding a gold ingot in both hands which are raised above his head. This position signifies abundant riches and good luck. Place this ever-flowing fountain with a warm glowing light at the entrance to a home or business.


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