The Meaning of Om

Posted by Christie Chong on 10/20/2021 to Wellness
The Meaning of Om

Crystal Healing: Past and Present

Posted by Christie Chong on 3/10/2021 to Wellness
Crystal Healing: Past and Present
Crystal healing has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, but its history may be longer than you think!

"How to Support Your Local Businesses?" You Ask... Great question, here are a few great ideas.

Posted by Sahba Hesabi on 3/21/2020 to Wellness
"How to Support Your Local Businesses?" You Ask... Great question, here are a few great ideas. Our local communities are where we spend our time. The small businesses that are closing to do the right thing for themselves, their loved ones and their customers during these unforeseen times, may need your help. So how do we ensure these shops and the vitality of these communities remain?

Crystal Clear - Cleansing Crystals

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 5/2/2017 to Wellness
Crystal Clear - Cleansing Crystals
When you use anything on a daily basis spiritually or physically, it is important to understand how to maintain them. If you drive your car every day, you will need to fill up the tank, and eventually get an oil change. If you don’t, you may or may not find yourself on the side of the road. Those who work with energy would agree that maintenance applies to crystals as well.

Quick Essentials of Essential Oils

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 4/18/2017 to Product Spotlights
Quick Essentials of Essential Oils
Basically, essential oils are the aromatic substances found in plants and organic materials. There are quite a few ways to use essential oils.

Open Space, Open Mind

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 4/4/2017 to Wellness
Open Space, Open Mind
When we think of developing ourselves, some areas that come to mind, are home, health and spirituality. Through balance and creating open and cleansing spaces, we can make room for improvement.

Grounding Yourself

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 3/21/2017 to Wellness
Grounding Yourself
You may ask, why is grounding yourself so important? The act of grounding yourself can change how you organize yourself, how you work, support focus, and create an anchor for spiritual connection.

How to Ground and Center

Posted by Timmy Wong on 4/2/2014 to Wellness
Ever heard of or referred to someone as being "down to Earth" or "grounded?" Some people, regardless of circumstance, just seem to be able to not worry about what's happening. They are internally organized and can overcome anything that comes their way.

In this blog article, we look at a meditation activity called "grounding and centering" that you can use in moments of stress and anxiety.

Buddha Hand Gestures

Posted by Timmy Wong on 10/18/2013 to Wellness
What do the different Buddha hand gestures mean? Where should different Buddha sculptures be placed around the home or office? In this blog post, feng shui specialist Rodika Tchi explores various mudras, and how to best position Buddhas for feng shui.

Wellness 101: 8 Practical Steps to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Posted by Timmy Wong on 10/2/2013 to Wellness
The thought of a health and wellness lifestyle change is very daunting - it involves work, is stressful, and might not work in the long run. However, by starting off with these 8 small and simple steps, it is actually easy to do. Check out this blog post to learn how to improve your health and wellness.

Relaxation Tips For When You Are Stressed

Posted by Timmy Wong on 9/9/2013 to Wellness
Stress gets to the best of us, especially when we least expect it. In this blog article, check out some tips and tricks to combat stress.

Getting creative with rocks through focus and meditation

Posted by Melissa Brown on 8/19/2013 to Wellness
Here at Nature's Expression it is not uncommon for us to forward inspirational messages and articles to each other pertaining to stones, crystals and also the subject of meditation. Recently our Accountant Margaret came across a fascinating article about a man named Michael Grab who has an amazing talent for balancing rocks that we just had to share.