Wellness Gift Centre - Spinner Bin Display (pre-pack)

Wellness Gift Centre - Spinner Bin Display (pre-pack)

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1 pre-pack display with header cards


40 cm by 40 cm footprint, 1.65 m height
WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP YOU CUSTOMIZE THIS ITEM! Simply ask when you place your order.

The Wellness Gift Centre is an amazing merchandising tool with quick integration into the retail environment. Fully stocked, it hosts over 30 products that are perfectly poised for stores with a wellness focused customer base. With its small footprint, attractive price point and an average 3 times markup, it returns over 160% of your initial investment!

Purchase, set-up, sell: All the planning has been done for you... Top selling bath and beauty items, essential oils, candles, sage and smudging accessories, handmade Ayurvedic incense and burners, meditation supplies and more are combined in this unique display. You can offer one-of-a-kind health and wellness products that come from nature.

A natural fit - This hand-crafted wooden display is made locally in Canada and boasts a majority of nature-made and artisan crafted products. The Wellness Centre is eye catching with its tall, sleek outline and colourful product offerings. Small footprint, big results!

Key Features
  • 4 sided spinning display
  • Secure storage area
  • 16 inch square footprint
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to refill
  • Top selling wellness products

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Please note that this display cannot be shipped to the USA.

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