Tumbled Stone - Stromatalite (1 lb)
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Tumbled Stone - Stromatalite (1 lb)

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1 lb of stones


Approx. 20 - 25 mm
Stromatolites, similar to oncolites, provide records of ancient life on Earth. They are rock like structures that usually form in warm, shallow water and are formed by a bacteria that grows via photosynthesis. Unlike oncolites, which are orbicular in nature, stromatolites form in mounds, columns and sheets.

This is a stone of transformation and emotional healing in metaphysical terms.

Whether you’re looking for tumbled stones to offer as learning and discovery tools, unique heartfelt gifts, as home accents in fountains, vases, candle displays and plants or you are selecting them for special meditation and healing practices, you will find a wide selection on our site.

We offer even more stone types and weights in our Tumbled Stones Price List within which you can find on our Downloads page.

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