Treasures from Tucson Are Waiting For You

Posted by Timmy Wong on 2/19/2014
We are buzzing with excitement right now. Our shipment from Tucson just arrived, and the team is hard at work stocking up shelves and decorating the new showroom for the BC Open House (happening THIS WEEKEND February 22-25 here at our warehouse!)

Anticipation filled the air as we eagerly opened the boxes; it is always a treat to see this shipment in our warehouse. The highlights include large and small bismuth pieces, petrified wood slabs, celestite clusters, and mystic merlinite spheres as well as small palm stones. The desert rose clusters are fantastic and the aragonite clusters sparkle in the light.

There’s no doubt the pendants will be top-sellers and great products for any store looking to sell jewellery. Our new chakra pendants in both Flower of Life and heart styles are stunning pieces that will turn heads. The amber pendants are shaped like raindrops; as I held one up at eye level, I could see the colour change from warm amber to golden yellow. Speaking of amber, the insect specimens are truly fascinating!

If you’re looking for pendants with very healthful benefits, shungite is simply a delight. Because shungite is a helpful source of protection from the harmful electromagnetic radiation of computers, microwaves, TVs, and cell phones, this pendant is highly sought after by those who believe in its healing power. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing. Shungite is estimated to be almost 2 billion years old. Its carbon black colour makes the piece stand out.

I especially love the gold sheen obsidian spheres. I was on a tour of our Tucson products around the warehouse, and looking at the spheres, they seemed to glow in the light! Every sphere glows in a different way, which makes them all the more unique. Gold sheen obsidian absorbs negative energy and disperses negative thoughts about ourselves. For those attuned to its healing effects, you can even say it helps us glow!

If you love stones that glow, the labradorite spheres, slices and palm stones flash with blues, greens, yellows and even reds!

To learn more about our Tucson treasures, or to get help picking out specimens for your customers, come by our Open House this weekend and get a feel for the specimens in person! Our knowledgeable team will be able to help you find the perfect treasure for your store.

As well, you can contact your Account Manager. Some of them have Skype and Facetime so you can see the specimens live on video! Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1800.723.6403 if you have any questions.

(Please note the Open House is only for wholesale shoppers)

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